Pippins Plugins AffiliateWP 2.0.5 WordPress Plugin

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Pippins Plugins AffiliateWP WordPress Plugin

Pippins Plugins AffiliateWP WordPress  Plugin Version : 2.0.5

AffiliateWP is one of the most popular affiliate management plugins for WordPress providing a seamless integration with WordPress, all major WordPress e-Commerce and membership platforms and allowing you to easily manage your affiliates with all kinds of statistics and reports.


Product Description

Pippins Plugins AffiliateWP 2.0.5 WordPress Plugin

Official Website

AffiliateWP provides a complete affiliate management system for your WordPress website that seamlessly integrates with all major WordPress e-commerce and membership platforms.

Complete Integration

AffiliateWP has complete integration with all major WordPress ecommerce and membership plugins.

Manage Your Affiliates

See your top earning affiliates, view affiliate reports, and even moderate affiliate registrations.

Affiliate Dashboard

Affiliates can easily see how much they have earned, how much is awaiting payment, and even how their referral URLs have done over time.

Real Time Reporting

View graphs of referrals over time, easily seeing your site’s affiliate marketing performance.

Affiliate marketing will grow your businessRank higher. Boost traffic. Earn more money.

Higher visibility

Affiliates constantly promote your products and services, drastically improving your website’s SEO.

More traffic

Higher visibility means more people will visit your website, and see your products and services.

Increased sales

More traffic to your website means an increased likelihood of converting them into real customers.



Beautifully integrated with WordPress


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Version 2.0.5, March 23, 2017

New: Add Unpaid Earnings as an option to the Recount Stats tool
Fix: Passive cache invalidation doesn’t always work
Fix: The ‘Upgrade Database’ notice shows up on fresh installs
Fix: Avoid a warning with a hook used for Encyclopedia Pro compatibility
Fix: Restrict Content Pro purchases sometimes creating referrals it shouldn’t
Fix: Avoid a syntax error when activated with Caldera Forms
Fix: Avoid a warning from the deprecated ‘safe_mode’ INI directive
Fix: Edit affiliate URL with ID of 0 shows an empty edit affiliate screen
Fix: Datepickers don’t work for custom date ranges in the Affiliate Area > Graphs tab
Tweak: Enhance the Affiliate URLs tab in the Affiliate Area
Tweak: Avoid checking the currently logged-in affiliate in the admin and during Ajax requests
Tweak: Add ‘affwp_insert_pending_referral’ filter to fallback tracking
Tweak: Include the Affiliate Area Forms setting in the System Info log
Tweak: Add pull request template and contributing guidelines to the AffiliateWP repository
Tweak: Abstract the batch processing registry for reuse elsewhere in core
Tweak: Use a simple registry for managing upgrade routines
Tweak: Rename the PayPal integration to PayPal Buttons
Tweak: Improve display of responsive images in the Creatives screen
Version 2.0.4, March 4, 2017

Fix: Referrals generated as 0.00 or not at all for some sites
Fix: Resolved possible infinite loop with the affwp_dismiss_notices hook
Reverted change that fixed an issue with referrals less than 1.00 using comma decimal separator create 0.00 referrals. Will re-address soon.
Version 2.0.3, March 2, 2017

Fix: JS conflict on edit post/page when some page builder plugins are active
Fix: Affiliate name filter on Visits screen not working
Fix: PHP notice: Undefined index: path
Fix: Incorrect referral URL generated when extra space added
Tweak: Remove the “No reason provided” text from the rejection email if not set
Tweak: Add Credit Last Referrer setting to the system info data
Tweak: Update plugin updater class to v2.6.11
Tweak: Refactor get_affiliate_id_from_login() to reuse core functionality
Tweak: Make the log() method global
Version 2.0.2, February 16, 2017

New: Add Hindi (India) translation
New: Add a new “context” field for visits
New: Add filters to manipulate final payout amounts and CSV columns
Tweak: Only 20 campaigns are shown on the affiliate area
Tweak: Make Referral ID in Visits screen link through to corresponding referral
Tweak: Adjust debug log description
Tweak: Improve Edit Referral screen
Tweak: Update EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater to 1.6.10
Tweak: Add full test coverage for creatives db layer
Tweak: Add new Affiliate Registration Field to the system info file
Tweak: Add core object counts to system info log
Tweak: Add an action hook to process_bulk_action() method in affiliates list table
Fix: Conflict with plugin Encyclopedia Pro mangles the Creatives HTML block
Fix: Replace generate_random_password deprecated function
Fix: get_fallback_affiliate_id() duplicates code enhancement
Fix: affwp_get_affiliate_conversion_rate() should use affwp_format_rate()
Fix: Contact Form 7: Incorrect doc link bug
Fix: Batch processing registry doesn’t work for IIS servers
Fix: Unpaid Referrals Today stat is wrong
Fix: Amounts in Most Valuable Affiliates meta box aren’t formatted
Version, February 1, 2017

Fix: Batch processing registry doesn’t work for IIS servers
Fix: Unpaid Referrals Today stat is wrong
Fix: Amounts in Most Valuable Affiliates meta box aren’t formatted
Version 2.0.1, January 29, 2017

Fix: Re-minify JavaScript assets.
Fix: JS error sometimes being outputted on the front end from the new JS debugger
Fix: Editing a referral can sometimes disassociate it from its affiliate
Fix: WooCommerce Coupon meta boxes cannot be toggled when AffiliateWP is active
Tweak: Update the Spanish translation (es_ES)
Version 2.0, January 24, 2017

New: Integration added for Stripe Checkout (through WP Simple Pay)
New: Integration added for Give
New: Integration added for Contact Form 7
New: Integration added for Caldera Forms
New: Integration added for WPForms
New: Integration added for Paid Member Subscriptions
New: Options to control which registration fields are required have been added to settings
New: Options to enable/disable the log in and registration forms in the Affiliate Area have been added to settings
New: Date range filters added to the referrals list table
New: Conversion rate now shown on the Reports screen for individual affiliate accounts
New: Introduced extensive meta capabilities for more fine-tuned control over user role capabilities
New: REST API endpoints now include full schema
New: Introduced a batch processing API for handling large data sets
New: Payout logs can now be exported to a CSV file
New: Added JavaScript debug data to browser console when debug mode is enabled
New: Added Pakistani PKR to currency list
New: Creatives now show thumbnail preview in the Creatives list table
New: Unpaid earnings are now shown in the Affiliates list table
New: Private, admin-only notes can now be added to affiliate accounts
New: Payouts can be processed for individual affiliate accounts now
New: Added support for blacklisting referral URLs to prevent referrals being created that come from those URLs
Tweak: Referrals are now automatically blocked in Gravity Forms if the form is submitted with the affiliate’s own account
Tweak: Affiliate status is now shown and editable on the Edit Affiliate screen
Tweak: Updated all export and migration routines to use new batch processing API
Tweak: Removed the fixed width from form input fields in the Affiliate Area
Tweak: PayPal Button referrals now automatically rejected when a refund is processed
Tweak: Updated text through out admin area to improve consistency
Tweak: Referrals export now includes affiliate’s first name, last name, and username
Fix: Improved sanitization of fields when updating referral records
Fix: affwp_add_referral() does not support passing in the visit_id
Fix: WooCommerce integration: C.O.D. orders do not create unpaid referrals
Fix: WooCommerce integration: shop pagination breaks when referral variable is the same as the site’s tld
Fix: Deleting data during plugin uninstall does not remove all data
Fix: License key cannot be reliably deactivated and/or removed from settings
Fix: PayPal Button integration: IPN verification fails if any field value contains slashes
Fix: Error in display when listing creatives via wp-cli
Fix: reCAPTCHA field breaks if enabled in AffiliateWP and Gravity Forms
Fix: Affiliate export tool fails on large sites with a lot of affiliate accounts
Fix: Added missing inline documentation for all actions and filters in the plugin
Fix: Improved reliability of affiliate name search fields through out the admin
Version 1.9.8, January 4, 2017

New: Added new option in Misc settings to opt into beta releases for AffiliateWP
Version 1.9.7, December 19, 2016

Fix: Date picker fields do not work when in a language other than English
Version 1.9.6, December 15, 2016

New: Added support for user-defined locales in WordPress 4.7+
Tweak: affwp_add_creative() should return the creative ID on success
Fix: Only enqueue dashicons CSS on the front end when necessary
Fix: Active tab not properly returned if the default is removed
Fix: ‘Affiliate Added’ notice is incorrect when manually adding an affiliate
Fix: Spaces should be encoded when generating affiliate links
Fix: Commas in referral descriptions can sometimes break output in CSV exports
Version, November 17, 2016

Fix: The reCAPTCHA script isn’t getting enqueued
Version 1.9.5, November 15, 2016

New: Add support for LifterLMS 3+
New: Add the ability to register fields for REST endpoints
New: Add currency support for the Kazakhstani tenge (KZT)
Tweak: Make it possible to disable the Affiliate Approval email from the user profile editing screen
Tweak: Record which user generated a payout and display that information in Payouts views
Tweak: Improve performance on Reports screen tabs
Tweak: Make it possible to retrieve meta via the affiliates REST endpoints
Tweak: Enable greater control over how core AffiliateWP scripts and styles are enqueued
Tweak: Improve the completion notice shown after performing a user migration
Tweak: Display completion notices after performing affiliate migrations for Affiliates Pro and WP Affiliate
Tweak: Improve the workflow of entering website URLs during affiliate registration
Tweak: Make it possible for the Log Out link in the Affiliate Area to always be last
Tweak: Set reasonable default limits for core REST endpoints
Tweak: Make WooCommerce product records for referrals filterable
Tweak: Make individual rows filterable during referral exports
Fix: Coupons are incorrectly linked to the admin affiliate by default
Fix: Undefined variable user_id when viewing coupons for EDD, iThemes Exchange, LifterLMS, MemberPress, Paid Memberships Pro, Restrict Content Pro, and WooCommerce
Fix: Restore the affwp_referral_action_links filter to the Referrals list table
Fix: License keys sometimes can’t be activated
Fix: Author for the Affiliate Area page should not default to the first user
Fix: Ensure hooks fire during deletion operations for all core AffiliateWP objects
Version 1.9.4, October 20, 2016

New: Add a {campaign_name} email tag
New: Expose ‘Promotion Methods’ information entered during affiliate registration in Affiliate > Edit
Tweak: Add Referral ID column to the Payout > View screen
Tweak: Update the ‘Earnings’ column in the referrals table to ‘Paid Earnings’
Tweak: When filtering visits by affiliate, the affiliate name should show in the filters
Tweak: Display Payout time in addition to date in Payout > View
Tweak: Update the translation for Traditional Chinese
Tweak: Remove a redundant existing affiliate check in affwp_add_affiliate()
Tweak: Allow campaign query caches to be invalidated by core object CRUD operations
Fix: Campaign names with spaces cause wonky behavior when generating URLs
Fix: Avoid a notice on the user_id when adding a new WooCommerce coupon
Fix: Affiliate autocomplete doesn’t scale beyond 9,999 affiliates
Fix: Editing a referral causes a white screen in certain circumstances
Fix: Wrong affiliate ID/username is shown in the Affiliate > Edit screen
Fix: Some strings in the Overview screen aren’t translated
Version, October 5, 2016

Fix: Referrals Edit screen is whitescreening due to a miscalculated variadic parameter
Version 1.9.3, October 5, 2016

Tweak: Message shown to non-affiliate administrators when viewing the Affiliate Area
Tweak: Affilate name now linked to affiliate edit screen and a separate Edit User link has been added
Fix: PayPal integration sometimes causes issues with non-PayPal form submissions
Fix: Product rate settings not being respected
Fix: Administrator’s username being shown in affiliate coupon settings by default
Version 1.9.2, October 2, 2016

Tweak: Display an affiliate’s referral URL on their Edit Affiliate screen
Fix: Fatal error/memory exhausted when exporting affiliates or referrals
Fix: Fatal error on Reports screen for PHP 5.3
Fix: Some forms including WooCommerce registration not submitting as expected when the PayPal integration is enabled
Fix: Incorrect filter name is used in the Payouts list table
Fix: Properly display commission rates based on global settings
Version 1.9.1, September 27, 2016

Fix: Incorrect referral amount for flat rate referrals
Fix: Fatal error while calculating affiliate rates in certain scenarios
Fix: Undefined variable when purchasing through PayPal Express with WooCommerce
Fix: Admin list tables do not show any information when site is in a language other than English
Fix: Payout details view shows referrals not included in the payout
Version, September 26, 2016

Fix: Remote posts firing over and over due to transient not being set
Version 1.9, September 26, 2016

New: Introduced read-only REST API
New: Greatly enhanced Reports page
New: Added integration for PayPal buttons
New: Added integration for OptimizeMember
New: Added per-variation referral rate options to WooCommerce integration
New: Added option to disable renewals on license upgrades in Easy Digital Downloads integration
New: Added option to disable renewals on specific subscription levels in Restrict Content Pro integration
New: Added affiliate coupon tracking to Gravity Forms integration
New: Added affiliate Payout log tracking
New: Added new {landing_page} email tag
New: Added new {referral_rate} email tag
New: Added new {review_url} email tag
New: Added Screen Options for controlling visible columns on all AffiliateWP list tables
New: Added WP-CLI commands
New: For developers: Added base metabox class for developers
New: For developers: Added object models for affiliates, referrals, visits, creatives, and payouts
Tweak: Improved affiliates list table columns
Tweak: Stats shown above graphs in Reports now reflect the selected date range
Tweak: Signup fee for Recurring Payments now properly supported in Easy Digital Downloads integration
Tweak: CSV export for affiliates now includes first and last name
Tweak: [affiliate_referral_url] now defaults to the current page’s URL
Tweak: Email and username fields now display on registration form when logged in but are shown as read-only
Tweak: License key activation process now displays error messages
Tweak: License key can now be defined in wp-config.php
Tweak: Affiliate username field now has a 60 character max limit on registration
Tweak: [affiliate_conversion_script] now supports a “campaign” parameter
Tweak: Minimum WordPress version now set to 4.4
Tweak: For developers: affiliates, creatives, referrals, visits, and payouts can be queried by ID(s)
Tweak: For developers: affwp_pre_delete_{object} now fires before deleting an object
Tweak: “Reports” buttons added to data management screens for easy navigation
Fix: User with necessary capabilities cannot save settings
Fix: Improper redirect to blog archive when adding referral variable to site URL
Fix: Visits and cookies not stored properly when using fallback tracking with pretty affiliate URLs
Fix: Conflict with Simple Page Tester plugin that resulted in blog archive being shown
Fix: Not all users imported properly with user account migration tool
Version 1.8.8, September 2, 2016

Fix: Avoid an error notice when a user is deleted
Fix: Adjust styling in the welcome screen following changes in WordPress 4.6
Fix: User migration tool only migrates the first 100 users
Fix: Add a missing method in the Sprout Invoices integration
Fix: Remove duplicate inline update row following changes in WordPress 4.6
Fix: Avoid undefined function notice for affwp_get_pages() in some edge-cases
Tweak: Updated Arabic translation
Tweak: Use more intuitive date and time formats in the Affiliate Area Visits tab
Tweak: Switch out the Iranian Toman currency for the Rial
New: Add System Info tab to the Tools screen
New: Add a Miscellaneous option to add a logout link to the Affiliate Area
Version 1.8.7, August 3, 2016

Fix: Non-AffiliateWP query args are getting erroneously removed
Tweak: Allow site admins to see affiliate’s submitted “Website URL” in the Edit Affiliate screen
Tweak: Updated Spanish translation
Version 1.8.6, August 2, 2016

Fix: Port number is sometimes shown in URL when fallback tracking is enabled on sites using SSL
Fix: Duplicate email notifications sent to affiliates when active status is toggled
Fix: Referrals not recorded for free trials in MemberPress
Fix: Welcome email not sent when new user and affiliate are created from the Users > Add New screen
Fix: No user capability for exporting affiliates and referrals
Fix: Incorrect referral amounts when decimal separator is set to a comma
Fix: Ninja Forms 3 compatibility
Fix: CSV cells terminated early when referral descriptions include a comma
Fix: Incorrect column name specified when querying referrals by “referral_id”
Fix: Referrals generated by subscriptions in Zippy Courses set incorrectly to Pending
Tweak: Updated Russian translation
Tweak: Updated Spanish translation
Tweak: Added affwp_insert_pending_referral filter to Restrict Content Pro integration
Tweak: Added status_count() method to database class
Tweak: Product rates in WooCommerce now have their own dedicated tab
Tweak: Added Iranian Toman currency
Tweak: Integration / context now shown on Referral edit screen
Version 1.8.5, July 6, 2016

Fix: Missing visit-date class in forms.min.css file
Fix: Product descriptions missing in MarketPress 3.x integration
Fix: Fatal error when a referral is revoked in MarketPress integration
Fix: Reference link incorrect in MarketPress 3.x integration
New: Added Taiwan translation
New: Added Tunisian Dinar currency
Version 1.8.4, July 1, 2016

Fix: Incorrect colspan on Visits tab of affiliate area
Fix: Referrals not marked as Unpaid for recurring subscriptions in MemberPress
Tweak: Changed admins to admin in email settings
Version 1.8.3, June 27, 2016

New: LifterLMS integration for courses, subscriptions, and coupon tracking
New: Specify a date when manually adding referrals
New: Globally enable debug mode by setting a new AFFILIATE_WP_DEBUG constant in wp-config.php
Tweak: Display the visit date and time in the Visits tab in the affiliate area
Tweak: Support MarketPress v3.0+
Fix: Pagination links are rewritten incorrectly in some cases
Fix: Trial coupon commissions in MemberPress are calculated using the non-trial amount
Fix: Logged-in users can still register as affiliates if registration is disabled
Fix: The license key cannot always be deactivated
Fix: Shipping tax is not calculated in affiliate commissions in WooCommerce
Fix: Admin reminder notices are sometimes visible to non-admins
Version 1.8.2, June 8, 2016

New: Add currency support for the Argentine peso and the Ukrainian Hryvnia
Tweak: Update the Malay and Vietnamese translations
Tweak: Update the jquery.flot.resize.js plugin
Tweak: Make the active tab accessible to all hooks in the affiliate dashboard
Fix: When filtering visits by affiliate, the affiliate name doesn’t persist
Fix: When filtering visits by converted or unconverted, results are not filtered
Fix: Decimals are not displaying correctly in the affiliate dashboard Stats tab
Fix: Some referral fields are displaying escaped data
Version 1.8.1, May 18, 2016

Fix: WooCommerce pagination fails when a referral URL is used on taxonomy archive pages.
Fix: Visit counts for affiliates are not decremented when visits are deleted.
Fix: Version number stored in database is not incremented during updates if no upgrade routine is run.
Fix: Affiliate Area shows blank page if Affiliate URLs tab is removed.
New: Added support for Saudi Riyal currency.
Version 1.8, May 5, 2016

New: Introduced new filters to hide/show Affiliate Area tabs
New: Affiliates can now be added when registering users
New: Expired or invalid license reminder can now be dismissed temporarily
New: Affiliate usernames are now displayed in Affiliates > Affiliates
New: Search by affiliate username in Affiliates > Affiliates
New: Improved interfaces throughout for choosing existing affiliates
New: Jigoshop integration has been expanded to cover coupon tracking
New: Affiliate registration date and name are now displayed in the Edit Affiliate screen
New: Paid Memberships Pro integration now supports per-level rate settings
Tweak: Improved compatibility with internationalization plugins
Tweak: Improved the workflow for deleting affiliates
Tweak: Text field for Creatives was expanded to accept more characters
Tweak: Affiliate statuses are now translatable
Tweak: Improved display on the Visits tab in the Affiliate Area
Fix: Referrals from WooCommerce COD orders are now marked ‘pending’
Fix: Referrals from free Formidable Pro orders are now marked ‘unpaid’
Fix: Referrals from PayPal for WooCommerce are now marked ‘unpaid’
Fix: Prevent the ‘Referral Variable’ field from being empty
Fix: Fix sorting of several columns in the Affiliates table
Fix: The Migration Assistant user accounts tool now handles migrating existing users
Fix: Made the Migration Assistant user accounts tool compatible with Affiliates Pro
Fix: Fix Visit counts from incrementing arbitrarily
Fix: Per-affiliate referral rate type is now respected
Fix: Shop page for WooCommerce is now compatible with pretty referrals
Version 1.7.18, April 19, 2016

Fix: Bug with affiliate meta table’s get_column_by() method resulting in no data being returned.
Version 1.7.17, April 15, 2016

Fix: Redirect conflict with account registration and OptimizeMember
Fix: Conflict with wpMandrill and emails sent through AffiliateWP
Tweak: Improved default values for arguments passed into DB query methods
Tweak: Improved inline documentation for database classes
New: Added affwp_affiliate_dashboard_urls_top hook to Affiliate Area template file
Version 1.7.16, March 10, 2016

Fix: Affiliate flat rate not used unless custom rate is also set
Fix: Conflict with OptimizeMember redirect
Fix: Flat rate commissions skipped on 0.00 products
Version 1.7.15, March 7, 2016

New: Introduced an Add-ons page for viewing AffiliateWP Add-ons
New: Added option to define the default referral URL shown in the Affiliate Area
New: Added a Debug Assistant tool for aiding in the identification of problems in referral tracking
Tweak: Updated German translation
Tweak: Updated Portuguese translation
Tweak: Properly support more than two decimal places for referral totals
Remove getimagesize() call from the creatives.php template file
Tweak: Update license activation and validation URLs to use HTTPS
Fix: 0.00 referrals not recorded in Paid Memberships Pro
Fix: save_meta() in WooCommerce integration missing nonce field
Fix: reCaptcha not shown on stand-alone affiliate registration form
Fix: Undefined variable in get_affiliate_id() method of the Affiliate_WP_Tracking class
Fix: Extreme performance problems due to license validation if goes down
Version 1.7.14, January 15, 2016

New: Searching by email now includes payment_email column
New: Referral description now included in referral export
New: Added new filters to affiliates, referrals, and visits tables
Tweak: Change ID column to Affiliate ID
Fix: Visits not recorded properly if campaign name is longer than 30 characters
Fix: Usernames that are email addresses do not display properly in affiliate area
Fix: Typo for “affiliate_activated”
Fix: Website URL is not required when logged in
Fix: URLs in Visits table should not include pretty referral variables
Fix: Fatal error on get_column_by() function when certain plugins are activated
Fix: Affiliate cookies do not get set if expiration is greater than year 2038
Version 1.7.13, January 1, 2016

Fix: Referrals sometimes created without a status
Fix: Admin header text unstyled in WordPress 4.4
Fix: PHP warning in Paid Memberships Pro when a discount code is not used
Fix: Ajax search of users database struggles on large databases
Fix: Incorrect column span on table when there are no referral records
Fix: Affiliate welcome email sent even when option not enabled when manually adding affiliate accounts
Fix: Wishlist Member blocks emails and redirects improperly
New: Added an Arabic translation
Tweak: Make forms.css file easier to dequeue
Version 1.7.12, December 11, 2015

Fix: Hyphens and dashes not allowed in referral variable settings
Version 1.7.11, December 10, 2015

Fix: referral tracking not updating to Unpaid in Restrict Content Pro
Fix: Fallback referral tracking not working properly with pretty affiliate URLs
Fix: User capability to export data cannot be changed
Fix: Duplicate “Application Rejected” setting
Tweak: Referring affiliate and referral ID and amount now shown in Paid Memberships Pro order screen
Tweak: Updated language files
Version 1.7.10, November 22, 2015

Fix: Incorrect referral rates in Restrict Content Pro
Fix: Incorrect referral rates in Zippy Courses
Fix: Incorrect referral descriptions in Gravity Forms
Fix: Affiliates allowed to earn referrals on purchases using their own email in iThemes Exchange
Fix: Changes to base integration class to facilitate a fix for incorrect commission rates in Lifetime Referrals
Fix: Referrals not generated in Zippy Courses when using PayPal
Fix: Currencies not listed in alphabetical order
Version 1.7.9, November 9, 2015

Fix: PHP Fatal error with iThemes Exchange integration if iThemes Exchange is not activated
Fix: PHP Fatal error with MemberPress integration if MemberPress is not activated
Fix: Creatives cannot be deactivated or activated
Fix: Incorrect label for Campaign field in Affiliate Area
Fix: Undefined index notices with Paid Memberships Pro if no discount code is used
Fix: “Your affiliate profile has been updated” notice does not go away
Fix: Credit Last Referrer option breaking referral tracking
Version 1.7.8, October 26, 2015

New: Added option to send welcome email when manually adding affiliate accounts
Fix: Approval email not sent when affiliates are automatically approved
Fix: Deprecated notice in iThemes Exchange integration
Fix: reCaptcha not shown on stand-alone registration form
Fix: Pretty referral URLs broken on some pages for iThemes Exchange
Fix: Pretty referral URLs not working in some cases for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads
Fix: PHP Warning Creating default object from empty value
Fix: 404 error on referral URLs when AffiliateWP is deactivated and activated
Fix: “Credit Last Referrer” option incorrectly generates multiple visit IDs
Fix: Referrals not marked as unpaid in Gravity Forms when the form does not contain a product
Fix: Referral description is blank when no products are included on the form
Version 1.7.7, October 13, 2015

Fix: Campaign tracking not working properly
Fix: Referrals cannot be marked as paid/unpaid/rejected individually
Fix: Affiliates cannot be marked as accepted/rejected/active/inactive individually
Fix: Incorrect action hook name in dashboard-tab-stats.php
Fix: Incorrect name for WP eCommerce integration
Fix: Referrals not created properly in iThemes Exchange
Version 1.7.6, October 9, 2015

Fix: Fatal error on some sites due to using empty() in write context
Version 1.7.5, October 9, 2015

New: Added integration for WP Invoice
New: Added affiliate coupon tracking to MemberPress integration
New: Added affiliate coupon tracking to Paid Memberships Pro integration
New: Affiliates can now log in with an email address
New: Added Unpaid Referrals column to affiliates page
New: Added pointer cursor style to form labels
New: Spanish (Spain) and Portuguese (Brazil) translations
Fix: Referrals not marked as complete when using PayPal in iThemes Exchange
Fix: Lifetime Commissions not tracking commissions
Fix: Login and Registration forms had duplicate field IDs
Fix: Prevent numeric usernames during registration
Fix: Missing nonce checks in process_bulk_action() methods
Fix: Missing words and typos
Fix: Ensure usernames do not contain spaces during registration
Version 1.7.4, September 28, 2015

Fixed: Registering users as affiliates automatically not working properly
Fixed: PHP notice if affiliate ID not supplied when using fallback tracking method
Fixed: Referrals cannot be enabled in Gravity Forms
Fixed: Missing text strings in translation files
Version 1.7.3, September 23, 2015

Fixed: Bug in upgrade routine for referral rates
Version 1.7.2, September 21, 2015

Tweak: Improved performance impact of AffiliateWP on non-affiliate URL pages
Tweak: Improved verification process of affiliate IDs when tracking affiliate URLs
Fix: Undefined index “campaign” on URLs without a campaign parameter
Version 1.7.1, September 18, 2015

Fix: Referral variable cannot be changed in settings
Version 1.7, September 17, 2015

New: URL Campaign tracking with full statistics in Affiliate Area
New: Affiliate rejection emails
New: Option to disable emails
New: Option to credit the last referrer
New: Option to disable referrals for specific forms in Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms
New: Referral information now displayed on order screen of Paid Memberships Pro
New: Per membership commission rates for Restrict Content Pro and MemberPress integrations
New: Option to configure the number of items shown per page in admin screens for Affiliates, Referrals, Visits, and Creatives
New: Affiliate accounts can now be created with any status
New: Integration for WP EasyCart
New: Integration for s2Member
New: Integration for Zippy Courses
New: reCaptcha version 2.0 now supported on registration screens
New: User import now supports importing just users of a specific role
New: User searching when creating affiliate accounts is now more reliable
New: Template file for creatives
Fix: URL fragments improperly removed with [[affiliate_referral_url]] shortcode and URL generator in [[affiliate_area]]
Fix: Pretty permalinks cause 404 error on taxonomy archive pages
Fix: Creative previews are cropped improperly
Fix: Website URL field on registration form can be bypassed by entering a space
Fix: Shortcodes not registered properly during AJAX requests
Fix: Affiliate emails sent to payment email instead of account email
Fix: Incorrect total items count when filtering Visits table
Fix: Lower Delete bulk action not working properly
Fix: Referral rates cannot be set as 0
Fix: Fatal error during updates with iThemes Sync plugin
Fix: Emails not sent properly during automatic affiliate registration
Fix: Settings not properly sanitized during save
Fix: Commission rates set as 1% get changed to 100%
Fix: Missing and incorrect text domains on some text strings
Fix: No admin notice shown when referral is deleted
Version 1.6.5, July 19, 2015

Fix: fatal error when Gravity Forms integration is enabled but Gravity Forms plugin is not activated
Fix: stray comma in referral descriptions for Easy Digital Downloads integration
Fix: referral description blank when referral is 0.00 in Easy Digital Downloads integration
Fix: incorrect URL with referral URL generator when using separate affiliate area shortcodes
Fix: PHP notice
Fix: Paid Membership Pro integration uses wrong transaction ID for connecting referrals to orders
Version 1.6.4, June 25, 2015

Tweak: Improved spacing of elements in the Affiliate Area
Fix: affiliate_creative short code not displaying images and links properly
Fix: Missing borders on input and textarea fields with some themes
Version 1.6.3, June 6, 2015

Fix: referrals of affiliate could not be filtered by status
Fix: improved default CSS for PRE tags
Fix: long URLs could flow outside of Affiliate Area
Fix: conversion script short code not properly ignoring $0.00 referrals
Fix: PHP warning , number_format()
Fix: incorrect referral amount when using per-product rates with the Tiered Affiliate Rates add-on
Fix: PHP warning on affiliate conversion script short code with 0.00 amounts
Fix: pagination missing on filtered affiliates table
Fix: MemberPress tracking now working with latest MemberPress version
Fix: 404 errors with pretty affiliate URLs on some sites
Fix: No products showing on front page of WooCommerce site when viewing URL with pretty affiliate ID passed
Tweak: query strings now supported affiliate referral URL short code
New: introduced filter for affwp_notify_on_new_referral
New: affiliate’s username now shown on Edit affiliate screen
Version 1.6.2, May 4, 2015

Fix: Application approved email not sent to affiliates
Fix: Duplicate referrals created in MemberPress
Fix: Referrals not tracked on MemberPress subscriptions
Fix: Affiliates cannot be removed from discounts
Fix: Conflict with OptimizeMember user queries
New: Added new hooks add/edit affiliate screens
Tweak: Updated German translation files
Tweak: Email $args now includes $referral object
Tweak: Main class now loaded during plugins_loaded
Version 1.6.1, April 15, 2015

Fix: Referrals on subscription signups not tracked in MemberPress
Fix: “How will you promote us?” field improperly marked as required
Fix: PHP notice when deleting referrals
Fix: Non escaped URLs in the admin could be potentially manipulated
Tweak: Improved error message during registration when username is invalid
Tweak: Improved flexibility of the affwp_get_affiliate_referral_url() function
Tweak: Removed unneeded labels from the Review application screen
New: Added new action hooks to the review application screen
New: Added {referral_url} and {affiliate_id} email tags
New: Added options for configuring the Application Pending and Application Rejected emails
Version 1.6, April 9, 2015

New: Integration with Ninja Forms
New: Integration with Formidable Pro
New: Integration with Sprout Invoices
New: Integration with MarketPress
New: Email configuration options and template files
New: Add filter that allows affiliates to receive commissions on their own sales, if enabled
New: Improved options for configuring / displaying referral URLs to affiliates
New: Introduced affwp_referral_status() function
New: Introduced a metadata API for affiliate accounts
New: Improved hooks for creatives
New: Added products column to the referrals database so exact product IDs, amounts, and referral amounts can be tracked
New: Added before/after loaded hooks for integrations
New: Added an option to disable referrals on renewal purchases in Easy Digital Downloads
New: Added support for sorting Referrals table
Tweak: Improved markup for the Creatives section of the Affiliate Area
Tweak: Added minified version of jquery.cookie.js
Tweak: Added affiliate’s username to the CSV export file
Tweak: Moved the log_user_in() call further down in the registration process
Fix: Referrals created with “paid” status in the conversion script short code do not increase earnings or trigger email alerts
Fix: Affiliates can earn referrals by purchasing with their payment email
Fix: Date queries not working properly when start / end date fall on the same day
Fix: Commission adjustment in Easy Digital Downloads not calculated properly when order contains multiple products
Fix: Currency signs not stripped from amount field before stored in the database
Fix: Not all creatives shown in the Affiliate Area
Fix: Most Valuable Affiliates not showing affiliates with highest earnings
Version 1.5.7, March 16, 2015

Fix: SQL injection security flaw. Please update.
Version 1.5.6, March 14, 2015

Fix: Bug with new affiliate registration notifications
Tweak: Introduced affwp_get_referring_affiliate_id filter
Version 1.5.5, March 9, 2015

Tweak: Updated French translation files
Tweak: Stricter tests in is_valid_affiliate()
Fix: Check that affiliates are active when redeeming a coupon connected to an affiliate
New: affwp_tracking_get_affiliate_id filter
Version 1.5.4, March 4, 2015

Fix: referrals not being tracked in MemberMouse when paying through PayPal
Fix: several minor security fixes
Version 1.5.3, February 18, 2015

Fix: search results on WooCommerce Coupon screen is hidden behind the container
Fix: referral amount in WooCommerce with coupon codes are incorrect in WooCommerce v2.3+
Fix: affiliates page cannot be sorted by name
Fix: notices during plugin activation
New: added Hungarian translation file
Version 1.5.2, January 26, 2015

Fix: bug with duplicate referrals getting created in WooCommerce
Fix: bug that caused Failed and Cancelled orders to not be rejected in WooCommerce
Fix: bug that caused referrals export to CSV to fail
New: introduced affwp_post_update_{type} action
Version 1.5.1, January 19, 2015

Fix: Fatal error with older versions of iThemes Exchange
Version 1.5, January 5, 2015

New: introduced Referrals tab for Affiliate Area
New: referral records can now be edited
New: account approval emails now sent when manually adding an affiliate
New: iThemes Exchange now supports per-product rates
New: MemberPress integration
New: support for excluding shipping costs from referral calculations
Tweak: URL and Promotion methods are now required when logged-in user registers as an affiliate
Tweak: better error message during login if password or username is incorrect
Fix: custom affiliate referral rates not used when per-product rate is set
Fix: MemberMouse referral description is blank
Fix: usermeta is now deleted when affiliate is deleted
Fix: referrals now properly rejected if WooCommerce order is deleted
1.4.3, December 14, 2014

Fixed a bug that caused add-on update checks to run on every page load of plugins.php when using multisite.
1.4.2, December 11, 2014

Fixed a bug with the website URL field showing on the review screen even if none was entered
Fixed a bug that prevented affiliate rates from having more than two decimal places
Fixed a bug that caused manually created referrals to not properly increment earnings
Fixed a bug with the referral_id column not having a default value
Tweaked the Easy Digital Downloads integration to better facilitate multi-currency stores
1.4.1, December 1, 2014

Fixed a bug with referral calculations and discount codes in WooCommerce
Added the $export_type property to the referral payout export class
Added proper HTTP response codes to all instances of wp_die()
Fixed a bug with the pagination on the Visits table in the Affiliate Area
Fixed an error with the MemberMouse integration
1.4, November 6, 2014

Added support for excluding sales tax from referral calculations
Fixed a bug with the Paid Memberships Pro integration that caused referrals to not be marked as Unpaid automatically
Fixed an incorrect referral amount when using coupon tracking with WooCommerce
Fixed a bug with the [[affiliate_referral_url]] shortcode
Fixed a bug with referral URL tracking on the home page when it is set to display a static page
Fixed a bug with the converstion script shortcode and 0 amounts
Fixed a bug with the PayPal Express gateway and Paid Memberships Pro
Fixed improper pagination on the Referrals table when it is filtered by an affiliate
1.3.2, October 29, 2014

Fixed a bug with the plugin updater that caused updates to run too frequently
Fixed a bug in the MemberMouse integration that caused an error message to be displayed during registration
Fixed a bug with the WooCommerce integration that caused referral descriptions to not be shown properly
Fixed a bug in the iThemes Exchange integration to fix an issue with the Lifetime Commissions extension
1.3.1, October 16, 2014

Fixed incorrect payment note in Easy Digital Downloads integration
Fixed issue with home page loading blog posts when loaded with a referral variable present
1.3, October 14, 2014

New: Introduced the ability to disable referrals on a per-product basis for integrations that support per-product referral rates
New: Introduced pretty affiliate URLs, e.g. See documentation.
New: Introduced Coupon tracking for iThemes Exchange
New: Introduced full support for Gravity Forms payment tracking
New: Introduced new “affwp_get_{integration}_order” filters for all integrations
New: Introduced several new currency codes
New: Introduced a “Description” field for affiliate Creatives
New: Introduced a migration assistant tool for the WP Affiliate plugin
New: Introduced a migration assistant tool for importing existing user accounts as affiliates
Tweak: Allow a user ID to be given to an existing affiliate if none exists
Tweak: affwp_add_referral() now supports passing a user ID or an affiliate ID
Tweak: [[affiliate_referral_url]] short code now accepts custom URLs
Fix: Pagination missing from Creatives tab of Affiliate Area
Fix: Fatal error call to undefined function cal_days_in_month()
Fix: affwp_get_affiliate_rate_type() should use the global rate if the affiliate’s rate is not set
Fix: Incorrect referral amount when using an affiliate coupon in Easy Digital Downloads and an affiliate ID cookie is set
Fix: Rate type is not saved when first creating affiliate accounts
Fix: Incorrect referral rate used when using an affiliate coupon in Easy Digital Downloads
Fix: Syntax error in German translation files
Fix: Affiliate URL field missing from the registration form if user is already logged in
Fix: Improper affiliate rate saved in Easy Digital Downloads on new products
1.2.7, September 22, 2014

Important security update
Fix: admin users could accidentally delete their user accounts when deleting their own affiliate account
1.2.6, September 19, 2014

Tweak: Changed the website URL input to a “text” type
Fix: PHP notice when redeeming an affiliate discount through EDD
Fix: Filtering the graph in the affiliate area reloads the wrong tab
1.2.5, September 9, 2014

Per-affiliate rate not respected
Affiliate names not getting recorded in WooCommerce order notes
PHP notices during registration
1.2.4, August, 29, 2014

Bug: Visits not being marked as Converted in WooCommerce
Bug: HTML markup invalidation in the German translation
Bug: Slashes not stripped from Creative titles and descriptions
New: Added several new currency codes
New: Added an option to export Affiliate accounts to a CSV
1.2.3, August 19, 2014

Bug: Visits section in Affiliate Area only showed one visit per page
Tweak: Updated translation files for numerous languages
1.2.2, August 11, 2014

Bug: Coupon tracking with WooCommerce didn’t properly create referrals
Bug: Gravity Forms referral tracking with the conversion script short code created all referrals with an amount of 0.00
1.2.1, August 6, 2014

Bug: Creatives database failed to be created during plugin upgrade
1.2, August 5, 2014

New: interface for creating affiliate creatives
New: added Primary URL and Promotional Method fields to the registration form
New: affiliate review screen for accepting or rejecting affiliates
New: affiliate email addresses can now be edited from the affiliate edit screen
New: retain registration form field values upon submission when there are errors present
New: added a redirect parameter to the login and register form short codes
New: added an update successful message when settings are saved
New: option to delete user accounts when affiliate accounts are deleted
New: reworked the Affiliate Area and added a tabbed interface
New: added new hooks to the affiliate dashboard
New: added integration with EDD Commissions to automatically adjust the commission rate when a referral is present
New: added new hooks to the insert_pending_referral()
New: added an option to filter the visits page by a specific affiliate
New: added support for searching visits
New: added a contextual help tab to the Visits page
Tweak: automatically disable the TOS field if no TOS page is selected in settings
Tweak: filter referrals by the specified admin when clicking on the affiliate’s name
Tweak: added a filter to force referrals to be remain pending
Tweak: added a filter to disable the creation of referrals
Bug: display issues with the affiliates page on small screens
Bug: invalid username error displays twice
Bug: does not fix the end of Battlestar Galactica
Bug: referrals could be created by inactive affiliates
Bug: affiliate referral rate doesn’t support non-whole numbers
Bug: no confirmation message when deleting an affiliate
1.1.4, June 30, 2014

Fixed an undefined variable in the Membermouse integration
Fixed a bug with the “Custom” date range in Reports
1.1.3, June 11, 2014

Fixed a bug with inaccurate Unpaid Earnings for affiliates
Updated es_ES translation file
New id_ID translation file
1.1.2, May 31st, 2014

Fix: Not all referrals included in payout file generation
Tweak: Added a filter to the email address that gets new affiliate registration notifications
1.1.1, May 30th, 2014

Fix: Visits not getting marked as Converted in iThemes Exchange
Fix: Affiliate names not showing on affiliate registration notice email
Fix: Setting to require affiliate approval not working properly
Tweak: Allow the affiliates overview queries to be filterable
1.1, May 23, 2014

New: Added support for affiliate coupon tracking in WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and Restrict Content Pro
New: Introduced a [non_affiliate_content] short code
New: Added an option to set the referral cookie expiration time
New: Added an email notification for pending affiliate registrations
New: Added support for the Korean Won currency
New: Added support for setting a minimum amount when generating the referral payout file
New: Added support for flat rate referrals
New: Added an option to automatically register new user accounts as affiliates
New: Added a widget to the Overview page to show the top 5 most valuable affiliates
New: Added short codes for the login and registration forms separately
New: Added an Affiliate Registrations graph to the Reports page
New: Several new action hooks and filters
Tweak: Added a link to the User profile page from the Affiliates page for each affiliate
Tweak: Adjusted the width of labels in the Affiliate Area for a better display
Fix: Affiliate’s paid referrals count and earnings columns were improperly updated when pending referrals were created
Fix: Total referral count was incorrect
Fix: Visits graph didn’t properly display visits
Fix: Compatibility issue with the PageLines DMS theme
Fix: Invalid HTML markup in the Affiliate Area
Fix: Price formatting was incorrect in the New Referral Awarded email
Fix: Filtering visits by a specific affiliate didn’t work
Fix: Empty referrals were getting created
1.0.6, April 19, 2014

New: added support for manually creating referrals
Fix: corrected an issue with the add-on updater system
Fix: new referral notifications were not being sent
1.0.5, April 17, 2014

Fix: missing .mo files
New: added a French translation
New: add-on updater API
New: better support for network wide installs
New: added [[affiliate_content]] short code
1.0.4, April 15, 2014

Fix: a bug with the uninstall script that prevented the database tables from being deleted
Fix: undefined index when saving setting when a custom tab is registered
Tweak: the plugin is now not loaded on plugins_loaded but before
1.0.3, April 14, 2014

New: added direct integration for MemberMouse
New: added Spanish (Mexican) translation
1.0.2, April 11, 2014

New: added a new Visits tab to the reports section to view visits overtime
New: added an integration for Jigoshop
Fix: corrected several textdomains
Fix: poor formatting for the visits table when extra long URLs are shown
Fix: conversion rate for affiliates was incorrectly calculated
Fix: last letter of the From Name for the email notifications was cut off
Tweak: improved the Affiliates Pro migration script
Tweak: improved the position of the checkboxes in the affiliate area
Version 1.0.1, April 9, 2014

New: a new [affiliate_referral_url] short code
Fix: a bug with registering an affiliate account with an email that is already registered
Tweak: set affiliate_wp() to load on the plugins_loaded hook
Version 1.0

Initial release.