WooCommerce Cart Add-Ons 1.5.14 Extension

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WooCommerce Cart Add-Ons Extensions

WooCommerce Cart Add-Ons Extension

WooCommerce Cart Add-Ons Extension Version : 1.5.14

The Cart Add-Ons Extension for WooCommerce allows you to cross-sell and up-sell once your customers have added products to their shopping by showing additional products they may also like.


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WooCommerce Cart Add-Ons 1.5.14 Extension

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Comprehensive rules for cart cross-sells

Don’t assume the shopping cart page means the online shopper has finished and is ready to checkout. You should always show cross-sell items, especially on cart views. People access the shopping cart for any number of reasons, and adding recommendations to your shopping cart adds another layer of interest for buyers and helps add value to their buying experience. Most store owners want to get the customer to the checkout process as quickly as possible. However, studies shows show that placing recommendations in the cart have garnered higher conversions versus carts that don’t have recommendations in their cart.

The Cart Up-Sells extension is a powerful tool for driving incremental and impulse purchases by customers once they are in the shopping cart. It extends the concept of up-sales and cross-sells at the product level, and engages your customer at the moment they are most likely to increase their spending.


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*** WooCommerce Cart Add-ons ***

2017-04-03 – version 1.5.14
* Fix: WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility

2017-02-23 – version 1.5.13
* Fix: Show the Add-ons below the cart checkout form.

2016-03-03 – version 1.5.12
* Bug fix: Fixed product add-ons getting overwritten by the defaults when the number of product add-ons is less than the max add-ons to display

2016-01-25 – version 1.5.11
* Bug fix: Synced up version numbers

2016-01-14 – version 1.5.10
* Bug fix: Replace deprecated woocommerce_get_template with wc_get_template
* Bug fix: Wrong number of add-ons are getting displayed if one of the add-ons are also in the cart
* Bug fix: WooCommerce 2.5 compatibility fixes

2015-09-21 – version 1.5.9
* Bug fix: Fixed variation ID showing with product title
* Bug fix: Fixed invalid argument errors when installing

2015-07-30 – version 1.5.8
* Improvement: Support for WooCommerce 2.4
* Bug fix: Fixed typo for products not being returned
* Bug fix: Fixed issue where deleted product as add-ons would cause fatal error

2015-07-08 – version 1.5.7
* Bug fix: Switch from using get_formatted_name to get_title
* Improvement: Support variations within the product add-on settings

2015-01-31 – version 1.5.6
* Backwards and forwards compatibility for WooCommerce 2.3

2014-10-30 – version 1.5.5
* Bug fix: Fixed situation where wrong number of products might show

2014-08-20 – version 1.5.4
* Added: Version check prior to loading scripts (WooCommerce 2.2 compatibility)

2014-06-27 – version 1.5.3
* Bug fix: Fixed variable product functionality related to categories
* Bug fix: Fixed issue related to looking up categories for variable products

2014-03-21 – version 1.5.2
* Bug fix: Added gettext to support additional translatable strings

2014-02-10 – version 1.5.1
* Bug fix: Added prevention for unexpected translated text breaking settings

2014-01-08 – version 1.5
* Added: WooCommerce 2.1 compatibility

2013-08-12 – version 1.4.5
* Fix: Cleanup wp_enqueue_style CSS to only load on specific admin views

2013-06-28 – version 1.4.4
* Fix: Remove showing price twice in some views of variations
* Fix: Use get_formatted_product_name()
* Fix: Remove erroneous error message display

2013-05-22 – version 1.4.3
* Fix: Fixed variation product link. Please add images to your variation products
* Added: Add to cart logic to show add-to-cart button with add-ons

2013-05-21 – version 1.4.2
* Fix: Escaping html in settings for correct display of variations

2013-05-20 – version 1.4.1
* Fix: Added product class to variations as WooCommerce did not natively support them when displaying up-sells on-screen

2013-05-09 – version 1.4
* Improvement: Added support for variations
* Feature: Added option to add AJAX-y “Add to Cart” button to add-on display

2013-04-05 – version 1.3.2
* Improvement: Only load admin scripts within plugin settings pages

2013-02-08 – version 1.3.1
* Fixed issue where use of [shortcode] was displaying post content

2013-01-26 – version 1.3
* 2.0 compatibility

2012-12-05 – version 1.2.2
* Fix shortcode display

2012-12-04 – version 1.2.1
* New updater

2012-10-31 – version 1.2
* Added shortcode [display-addons] to use on any page/post

2012-09-22 – version 1.1.1
* Give the masses back their apostrophes

2012-09-17 – version 1.1
* Changed settings screen drag/drop
* Added widgets to show up-sells anywhere in sidebars once products added to cart
* Use to show up-sells anywhere in your theme once products are added to cart
* Setting to limit how many up-sells are shown

2012-09-10 – version 1.0.3
* Read shop loop from current theme

2012-07-25 – version 1.0.2
* Fixed admin display CSS

2012-07-20 – version 1.0.1
* Added WooCommerce 1.6.1 compatibility updates

2012-07-19 – version 1.0
* First release