WooCommerce Google Product Feed 7.0.7 Extension

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WooCommerce Google Product Feed Extensions

WooCommerce Google Product Feed Extension

WooCommerce Google Product Feed Extension Version : 7.0.7

The Google Product Feed extension for WooCommerce allows your products to appear in Google’s product search (Google Merchant Centre).


Product Description

WooCommerce Google Product Feed 7.0.7 Extension

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Add your products to Google Merchant Center

The Google Product Feed extension allows you to create a real-time feed to supply product information to Google Merchant Center, a prerequisite for setting up Product Ads.

  • Choose what fields to include, based on Google policies, and the end result is a fully automated feed containing all your product information and variations in the correct format for Google to read straight in
  • Capture data required by Google but not normally within WooCommerce by using the plugin’s additional data entry fields for products and variations
  • Set up information at a category level to apply to products in a specific category, or set storewide defaults that apply to all products

This extension is compatible with the Product CSV Import Suite, allowing you to bulk import product feed information against products.

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*** WooCommerce Google Product Feed Changelog ***

2017.03.30 – version 7.0.7
* Fix issue with “identifier exists” option not showing selected value correctly on settings form
* Change mime-type of bing feed to fix issues when running behind CloudFlare
* Fix issues where variation options were missing from variation titles in the feed

2017.03.06 – version 7.0.6
* Fix issue where descriptions weren’t always passed through the_content filter
* Fix issue where URL-based category filtering didn’t work with permalink-style feed URLs
* Remove some unused code

2017.03.06 – version 7.0.5
* Further compatibility changes in preparation for WooCommerce 2.7

2017.02.27 – version 7.0.4
* Fix error triggered on PHP releases < 5.4.2017.02.20 - version 7.0.3 * Fix issue where incorrect variation price was picked when not including all variations in the feed * Update Bing feed to apply tax in relevant countries * Remove shipping dimension attributes from Google Inventory feed2017.02.06 - version 7.0.2 * Fix issue where PHP warning could be generated.2017.01.20 - version 7.0.1 * Fix issue where partial (chunked) feed settings were not always applied.2017.01.17 - version 7.0.0 * Internal rewrites, including some performance improvements * Allow the shipping dimension unit types to be overridden * Allow feed to be generated for a specific category / set of categories via URL string Avoid warnings if taxonomies are removed after being set to be used for preopulation * WooCommerce 2.7 related updates. Take advantage of new APIs for fetching products if available. * Adds on-page structured data when running on WooCommerce 2.7+ (sku, itemCondition, gtin and mpn)2016.10.31 - version 6.8.1 * Change plugin URL to WooCommerce domain * Ensure plugin links always go to WooCommerce, not WordPress.org2016.10.11 - version 6.8.0 * More accurate image support. Fixes issues where non-attached product gallery images weren't included.2016.08.31 - version 6.7.8 * Various performance improvements to feed generation * Introduce woocommerce_gpf_is_generating_feed() so other plugins / filters can tell if this request is for a feed2016.08.02 - version 6.7.7 * Replace tabs with spaces when generating the Bing feed * Allow the g:link element to be filtered2016.07.21 - version 6.7.6 * Fix issues where not all elements included in Bing feed * Robustness fix for deciding whether to send prices inc, or ex. taxes * Use WooCommerce standard functions for generating variation titles / URLs2016.06.20 - version 6.7.5 * Send custom_label fields in the Bing feed * Fix warnings thrown for category settings on WooCommerce 2.62016.06.06 - version 6.7.4 * Make sure non-printable UTF characters are removed in product titles as well as descriptions. * Avoid issue where product titles occasionally get generated with a "()"" suffix. * Clean up product URLs for attributes with no values set (E.g. "all colours"). * Allow multiple GTINs to be entered against products.2016.05.16 - version 6.7.3 * Do not hardcode guid in Google Inventory feed. Make it filterable in the same way as in the main product feed * Update unique identifier checks to match Google specifications * Make sure variation descriptions are more reliable where content includes product shortcodes * Consistent use of image size across main image, and additional images * Make image style filterable. Default to "full" * Send empty sale price effective date in inventory feed if none is set * Fix translat-ability of "include variations" option in the admin area2016.04.30 - version 6.7.2 * Do not send any shipping dimensions unless all are available * Fix issues with some elements not coming through into feeds2016.04.29 - version 6.7.1 * Avoid warning generated when saving a product after editing variations.2016.04.26 - version 6.7 * Allow entry of feed values against individual variations * Variations support is no-long "experimental" * Fix issue where prepopulation sometimes used the parent value, not the variation value * Use guid from feed_item, not raw ID when creating product ID for Bing feed * Product type taxonomy autocompletion now pulls relevant language version based on store base country, not always American (en-US).2016.04.20 - version 6.6 * Improvements to Bing feed elements, remove unused items, and rename to match latest specification * Better availability reporting for out of stock products when a default availability value is set * Support for "material" in feed.2016.04.05 - version 6.5 * Support for pattern attribute * Fixes to variation support2016.03.29 - version 6.4 * Allow delivery label field to be prepopulated from other product fields.2016.03.18 - version 6.3 * Repackage to fix version inconsistency2016.03.17 - version 6.2 * Extend the list of countries whose feeds should be supplied exclusive of taxes.2016.02.24 - version 6.1 * Add support for is_bundle2015.01.25 - version 6.0 * Experimental variation support * Fix undefined constant warning2016.01.07 - version 5.2.2 * Use base country pricing / tax for feed ignoring geolocation. Requires WC 2.5 * Support image links with query parameters2015.12.02 - version 5.2.1 * Add sale price effective dates to the Google Inventory feed.2015.12.01 - version 5.2 * Support for sale price effective dates. * Fix issues with multibyte strings getting truncated mid-character * Allow size to be prepopulated from attributes (15 seconds ago)
* Change to the base URL indicated in the feed.

2015.09.20 – version 5.1
* Fix markup error in admin area
* Increase feed generation performance

2015.06.03 – version 5.0
* Provides support for Product Inventory feeds for Google Merchant Centre.
* Provides support for populating feed information product attributes without having to use code snippets.
* Item GUIDs are now filterable via woocommerce_gpf_feed_item_ filters.
* Fix Bing link in admin area to satisfy URL suffix validation.
* Admin markup and accessibility fixes.

2015.04.30 – version 4.0.3
* Fix issue with size system not showing the currently selected value properly

2015.04.23 – version 4.0.2
* Fix issue with alt text on feed type icons on settings page

2015.04.20 – version 4.0.1
* Security release

2015.02.03 – version 4.0
* Support for sale_price element
* Avoid errors when products have child posts that aren’t WooCommerce products
* Support for shipping_length, shipping_width and shipping_height
* woocommerce_gpf_exclude_product filter can be used to include products that would normally be excluded.

2015.01.14 – version 3.9
* Support for delivery_label attribute.

2014.12.29 – version 3.8
* Revert previous variation pricing change since it causes feed disapproval in some cases.

2014.12.21 – version 3.7
* Always use the maximum price for variable products in line with Google’s guidelines.

2014.12.16 – version 3.6
* Add support for Promotion ID in the feed
* Improvements to product identifier supports to make identifier_exists work more reliably

2014.11.17 – version 3.5
* Fix compatiblity with WC 2.0.x and variable products

2014.11.10 – version 3.4
* Calculate tax status for variable products on tax exclusive setups.

2014.10.21 – version 3.3
* Do not use invisible child products when calculating the price

2014.09.22 – version 3.2
* Support for Google feed specification changes
* Support max lengths in the Google feed
* Support for availability_date
* Merge “available for order” availability with “in stock” in the Google feed
* Support for size_system
* Add support for size_type
* Extra options for age_group

2014.09.03 – version 3.1
* Don’t show duplicated settings updated messages in the admin area

2014.08.25 – version 3.0
* Make fields filterable
* WooCommerce 2.2 compatibility

2014.07.28 – version 2.9.1
* Fixes for custom_label elements

2014.07.18 – version 2.9
* Support for custom_label attributes
* Trim out non-printable UTF-8 characters

2014.06.13 – version 2.8
* Fix issue where disabled fields could still be included in the feed
* Avoid PHP warning when saving categories. Fixes #1
* More robustly transliterate in Bing feed generation

2014.05.12 – version 2.7
* Correctly calculate taxable status for some configs
* Performance improvements fetching Google product taxonomy on admin pages

2014.05.01 – version 2.6
* Fixes for complex characters in the Bing feed
* Correctly calculate taxes inclusive of tax under some configs

2014.03.16 – version 2.5.5
* Avoid warning if data contains elements not defined in the current release
* Avoid warning if invalid feed format is requested
* Block WordPress Gzip Compression for feed requests
* Fix out of stock products in Bing feed

2014.01.17 – version 2.5.4
* Fix out of stock products in Bing feed

2014.01.12 – version 2.5.3
* Squash a few warnings

2014.01.02 – version 2.5.2
* Additional filters for feed items, and store info

2013.11.27 – version 2.5.1
* Documentation fix on settings page

2013.11.07 – version 2.5
* More robust permalink handling
* Fix limited feeds where individual feeds exclude products

2013.11.06 – version 2.4
* Allow gpf_start and gpf_limit to be passed to generate a part-feed

2013.09.14 – version 2.3
* Bing now require a tab separated file

2013.07.17 – version 2.2.2
* Support for adwords_grouping and adwords_label tags for more detailed ad targetting

2013.07.03 – version 2.2.1
* Allow additional images to be excluded from Google feed via a filter

2013.07.02 – version 2.2
* Support for “identifier_exists” attribute

2013.01.03 – version 2.1.1
* Updater fix

2013.01.03 – version 2.1
* Availability also accepts “out of stock” as a valid value

2012.11.07 – version 2.0
* Refactor, adds support for feeds

2012.06.28 – version 1.5.5
* Don’t include hidden products in the feed

2012.06.20 – version 1.5.4
* Avoid issues when WordPress is running in a sub-folder

2012.05.30 – version 1.5.3
* Google limit text to 10,000 characters, trim to fit

2012.05.17 – version 1.5.2
* Avoid over-escaping some strings

2012.03.22 – version 1.5.1
* Fix JS/CSS urls

2012.03.22 – version 1.5
* Allow products to be excluded from the feed
* Added woo updater

2012.03.19 – version 1.4
* Support for product stock status

2012.02.04 – version 1.3
* Support for multiple product images using g:additional_image_link

2011.01.05 – version 1.2
* Optimisations for large stores
* Better handling of products with no images
* Price formatting changes
* US tax handling changes in line with Google’s product feed guidelines

2011.11.27 – version 1.1
* Allow feed to be downloaded from admin page

2011.11.17 – version 1.0
* First Release