WooCommerce Paygate Payment Gateway 1.3.1 Extension

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WooCommerce Paygate Payment Gateway Extensions

WooCommerce Paygate Payment Gateway Extension

WooCommerce Paygate Payment Gateway Extension Version : 1.3.1

The Paygate Payment Gateway extension for WooCommerce allows you to handle payments on your WooCommerce store via PayGate (direct method).


Product Description

WooCommerce Paygate Payment Gateway 1.3.1 Extension

WooCommerce Paygate Payment Gateway | Official Website

Take payments via PayGate

The PayGate payment gateway extends WooCommerce by allowing the customer to make payments using either the PayGate PayWeb or PayGate PayXML merchant facilities. PayGate is a trusted and specialist credit card payment services provider that has been operating since 1996 and works with all major financial institutions in South Africa.

PayGate XML is a direct payment gateway. Therefore an SSL certificate is also required to ensure your customer credit card details are safe.


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*** PayGate Changelog ***
2015.02.01 – version 1.3.1
* Fixes a critical bug for PayWeb checkouts if the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin is not active or installed.
* Adds a fix to prevent subscription period interval limits being set above the PayGate PaySubs limit (max 3 months).

2015.02.01 – version 1.3
* Adds PayGate PaySubs Subscriptions
* Adds support for WooCommerce Subscriptions

2014.06.05 – version 1.2.3
* Fixes an issue where prices sent to PayGate were incorrectly set if the number of decimal places is set to 0 (rounding) in WC Settings.
* Fixes an issue with the return URL for API handling where POST data could be stripped if trailing slashes are 302 redirected.
* Fixes the Notice API handling on some errors which would return a JSON string rather than an error.
* Adds better error handling

2014.05.30 – version 1.2.2
* Fixes an issue with a hard redirect to non-secure URL when returning from a 3D secure verified payment.

2014.02.06 – version 1.2.1
* Fixes an error with PayWeb payment not redirecting to the merchant on checkout.
* Fixes a broken function call.

2014.01.31 – version 1.2
* Added support and compatibility for WC 2.1 and WC 2.0.x
* Fixed an issue with cart being emptied and incorrect redirect if payment was cancelled when using PayWeb CC form.
* Fixed an issue with incorrect redirects and orders being cancelled if a transaction is declined by receiving bank.
* Fixed return url redirects to use internal WC functions to generate the return URL for better backwards compatibility and support for WC 2.1 endpoints.
* Plugin now uses default WC credit card form if using WC 2.1
* Code cleanups and function name changes for better readability.
* Tweaked server-based CC validation

2013.10.14 – version 1.1.9
* Version bump for updater

2013.05.30 – version 1.1.8
* Fixes an urgent issue with PayWeb live payments not redirecting to the “Order Received” page when returning back to the originating site.

2013.05.28 – version 1.1.7
* Fixed the ability to show/hide the description on PayWeb forms when checking out.
* Changed copyright and support email to Tangram.
* Be sure to save your PayGate settings if the description doesn’t show.

2013.05.27 – version 1.1.6
* Fix return url issue

2012.12.05 – version 1.1.5
* Fix return in 1.6

2012.12.05 – version 1.1.4
* 2.0 Compat

2012.12.05 – version 1.1.3
* Updater

2012.06.30 – version 1.1.2
* Fixes an issue where sandbox mode is enabled but no PayGate credentials are entered, causing incorrect redirects.
* Added Credit Card type validation.
* Removed the ability to enable/disable 3D Secure – now enabled permanently. Contact PayGate if your account doesn’t require 3D Secure to be enabled.
* Cleanup old un-required code.

2012.06.30 – version 1.1.1
* Updated auth requests to use wp_remote_post() rather than requiring support for and using cURL.
* Updated 3D Secure handler to use the WC-API and removed old file.
* Added test_ip variable for testing mode. (Useful when testing on a local M/L/WAMP setup)

2012.06.29 – version 1.1
* Updated class names
* Added WooUpdater

2011.09.27 – version 1.0
* First Release