WooCommerce Returns and Warranty Requests 1.8.6 Extension

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WooCommerce Returns and Warranty Requests Extensions

WooCommerce Returns and Warranty Requests Extension

WooCommerce Returns and Warranty Requests Extension Version : 1.8.6

The Returns and Warranty Requests WooCommerce Extension allows you to easily manage the RMA process, add warranties to products and let your customers request and manage returns from their account pages.


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Product Description

WooCommerce Returns and Warranty Requests 1.8.6 Extension

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RMA Management – Manage, Sell, Facilitate Easy Returns and Warranties

Manage the RMA process, add warranty terms to your products, and allow your customers to request and manage returns and exchanges directly from their user account.

WooCommerce RMA - Warranty and Returns

Key Features

  • Manage all RMA, warranty, and return requests from a single view in the store administration
  • Define warranty terms for product – set expirations periods for limited warranties
  • Manage automated email communications during each change in return status
  • Maintain free or paid extended warranties for products and variations
  • Create your own warranty statuses, and manage the statuses for all return requests
  • Customize your RMA code length and format
  • Request product images, track returns to/from your customers all within the user’s account
Limited warranty options
Set warranties with limited durations for your products

Easily set up warranties for products

When setting up your products, easily assign warranties to the product or variation directly from the edit product screens. Easily define warranty or return time periods, give it a price, and update/save your product. Warranties are tied directly to the product themselves – when the warranty expires, so does the ability for the user to request a warranty, return, or exchange.

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 9.29.57 PM
Set warranties with durations and fees

How to Get Started

  1. Buy this extension 🙂
  2. Download and install into your WooCommerce store
  3. Update your settings, and create emails
  4. Add warranty terms to your products
  5. Sit back, and let your RMA process become 1000 times easier!
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*** Warranty Requests Changelog ***

2017-04-03 – version 1.8.6
* Fix – Update for WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility.
* Fix – Fatal error on product title when searching for a user to create a new warranty request.
* Fix – Page selection on Warranties > Manage Warranties for Products per Page
* Fix – Issue with warranty label not appearing on variable products.
* Tweak: Update all deprecated WooCommerce API calls
* Bug fix: Fixed email variables not getting loaded into the proper tables
* Bug fix: Fixed tooltip display loading

2016-09-19 – version 1.8.5
* Bug fix: Replace Citylink with Interlink couriers (UK)
* Bug fix: Fixed a few typos
* Bug fix: Updated list of shipping providers

2016-09-10 – version 1.8.4
* Bug fix: Fixed issue where RMA Code start was not getting applied
* Bug fix: Use WC_Order::get_order_number() method to get the order number for display to support sequential order numbers
* Bug fix: Renamed the checkbox column class to prevent conflicts with bootstrap themes
* Feature: Added the ability to select the recipients of admin notification emails

2016-08-20 – version 1.8.3
* Bug fix: Fixed a few warnings that could appear in certain scenarios
* Bug fix: Convert all date fields to date_i18n support
* Bug fix: Convert warranty durations to representative singular or plural forms when necessary

2016-07-28 – version 1.8.2
* Bug fix: Show the shipping tracking fields in the request form if the Request Tracking Code is enabled

2016-07-15 – version 1.8.1
* Bug fix: Fixed fatal error on data update

2016-06-30 – version 1.8
* Bug fix: Added the ability to set dropdowns as required
* Bug fix: Make additional strings translatable
* Bug fix: Added the ability to search for guest orders using their email address or name
* Bug fix: Fixed error generated when a created order contains no line items
* Bug fix: Fixed the display of products in the Reports table
* Bug fix: Fixed the return button on WooCommerce Order list view
* Bug fix: Fixed warning in templates/list.php
* Bug fix: Fixed updater error in class-warranty-admin.php
* Feature: Allow admin and customers to select multiple items for a return
* Feature: Added ability/link to initiate a return directly from within an order in admin
* Feature: Added a new default status of “Reviewing”
* Feature: Make all default statuses translatable strings
* Feature: Added sorting to the status column on the RMA Requests page
* Added: WooCommerce 2.6 support

2016-03-03 – version 1.7.4
* Bug fix: Fixed emails and data not sending to guest customers
* Feature: Added ability to post notes to requests
* Improvement: Enhanced the form validation and required fields notifications

2016-02-23 – version 1.7.3
* Bug fix: Renamed the product field to avoid product error 404 in some odd occurrences
* Bug fix: Fixed fatal error when a warranty has no linked orders causing issues with printed RMA
* Bug fix: Form builder fields are not saving when a required ‘file upload’ field is left empty

2016-01-01 – version 1.7.2
* Improvement: Store the Warranty_Cart instance in the superglobal
* Bug fix: Some emails would be sent to the customer twice only if the exact email was created for admin

2015-11-12 – version 1.7.1
* Bug fix: Fixed new and existing set emails getting cleared when saving a new email
* Bug fix: Fixed issue where permissions were not being set on install
* Bug fix: Fixed error caused by the use of the WC_Product::get_type() method

2015-10-26 – version 1.7
* Improvement: Added option to reset warranty statuses
* Improvement: Updated the warranty management UI
* Improvement: Made all ‘shortcode-*’ templates overwritable by placing copy in active them
* Feature: Restructed and rewrote the entire warranty list view and added more inline saving
* Feature: Added ability to allow refund and credit requests by the customer in the warranty request
* Feature: Added ability to refund and credit a customer directly from the warranty view
* Feature: Added warranty details, and common functions into the WooCommerce Orders view
* Bug fix: Scan all order items instead of just the first item with warranty found
* Bug fix: Fixed warnings and errors when warranty statuses get reset
* Bug fix: Fixed checkbox not getting unchecked when changes are made to product warranties
* Bug fix: Fixed refunds to only refund line items instead of entire order
* Bug fix: Fixed notifications email list
* Bug fix: Fixed Request tracking code emails to ensure they are delivered
* Bug fix: Fixed display data in the warranty form builder

2015-09-03 – version 1.6.8
* Bug fix: Saving default warranties on product details

2015-08-28 – version 1.6.7
* Bug fix: Saving admin settings in WooCommerce 2.4

2015-08-19 – version 1.6.6
* Bug fix: Added additional translatable strings
* Bug fix: Translation issue with Warranty Add-Ons dropdown selections

2015-07-28 – version 1.6.5
* Improvement: Added ability to define statuses/changes that generate order notes
* Bug fix: Added ability for JS strings to be translatable
* Improvement: Added ability to show different button text when return/RMA status changes
* Improvement: Added base defined language file
* Feature: Ability to print warranty forms from RMA Management

2015-07-17 – version 1.6.4
* Improvement: Added support for WooCommerce Vendors to manage their own product warranty requests
* Improvement: Added text domain to plugin info block

2015-07-02 – version 1.6.3
* Bug fix: Support currency symbol and trailing decimals in prices
* Bug fix: Better support for product variations
* Bug fix: Bulk editing resulting in a blank screen after saving

2015-06-09 – version 1.6.2
* Bug fix: Statuses will display to allow sorting on main warranty list
* Bug fix: Text field on warranty form should honor required/not-required

2015-05-05 – version 1.6.1
* Celebration: Cinco de Mayo
* Bug fix: Warranty statuses not being displayed – sometimes with an error

2015-04-30 – version 1.6
* Improvement: Ability to define a sitewide warranty and apply it to products
* Improvement: Rebuilt administration panel
* Improvement: Redesigned warranty management panel
* Improvement: Search functionality improved
* Bug fix: Various bug fixes and improvements

2015-04-21 – version 1.5.4
* Bug fix: Potential XSS with add_query_arg

2015-04-01 – version 1.5.3
* Bug fix: Warranties reverting to defaults after upgrade
* Improvement: Enhanced code behind form views for variable products

2015-02-09 – version 1.5.2
* Bug fix: Removed extraneous quotes
* Improvement: Added ability for shortcode-return-form.php to be overridden
* Bug fix: Ensure all variables are populating emails
* Improvement: Display of long warranty reasons in warranty table

2015-01-27 – version 1.5.1
* WooCommerce 2.3 compatibility
* Bug fix: Warranty shortcode form data not stored to warranty views in admin
* Cleanup: Removed unused files

2015-01-05 – version 1.5
* Feature: Added shipment tracking providers and links
* Bug fix: Improvement to handling of variable products

2014-12-11 – version 1.4.5
* Bug fix: Show the actual total vs the subtotal

2014-12-02 – version 1.4.4
* Bug fix: Fixed the admin table listing of warranties in progress
* Bug fix: Fixed the customer name and email
* Bug fix: Fixed return form issues

2014-10-23 – version 1.4.3
* Bug fix: Always show prices inclusive of tax as set by WooCommerce settings
* Feature: Add a setting to disable showing the Tracking Code entry to customers

2014-10-19 – version 1.4.2
* Bug fix: Minor text changes

2014-10-14 – version 1.4.1
* Bug fix: Warranty label fixes on checkout, cart and order confirmation

2014-10-09 – version 1.4
* Feature: Integrated refunding of warrantied products

2014-10-08 – version 1.3
* Feature: Add ability to show or hide warranty button in my account page
* Feature: Ability for admin to upload a shipping label for the customer to use for returns
* Improvement: Updated reports to show completed warranties or purchases that still have active warranties
* Improvement: Add YY as an alias to YYYY in RMA number format
* Bug fix: Warranty labels were not captured in the user account
* Bug fix: Fixed some WooCommerce 2.2 incompatibilities
* Bug fix: Various cleanup and general fixes
* Bug fix: Warranty length hidden in manage view when Lifetime is selected

2014-09-12 – version 1.2.1
* Bug fix: When deleting a product, warranty record is no longer impacted or errors
* Bug fix: Variation support tweak

2014-09-06 – version 1.2
* WooCommerce 2.2 compatibility

2014-08-27 – version 1.1.9
* Bug fix: Custom labels for Warranty add-ons appear on fronted
* Bug fix: Customer initiated return now storing correct data from form
* Additional minor bug fixes

2014-08-19 – version 1.1.8
* Bug fix: Missing text domains
* Bug fix: Tweaked email send functions to improve reliability
* Bug fix: Frontend now honors custom warranty labels
* Bug fix: Changed content ID to avoid theme clashing

2014-05-20 – version 1.1.7
* Bug fix: Removed the static email variables and replaced with new dynamic ones based on the custom warranty form builder

2014-04-17 – version 1.1.6
* Bug fix: Added select option to settings for selecting/defining warranty page
* Bug fix: Manage warranty page updated to show active product warranties based upon product type instead of all
* Bug fix: Added safety checks to ensure refunded items couldn’t have request warranty button even when it is allowed

2014-04-11 – version 1.1.5
* Bug fix: Prevent multiple warranty pages from getting automatically created

2014-04-10 – version 1.1.4
* Bug fix: Ensure that the warranty request page actually exists

2014-03-21 – version 1.1.3
* Bug fix: Use variation ID if available on order item meta
* Bug fix: Fixed default number of entries to show on the bulk edit table
* Bug fix: Fixed display of multiple selected values in the Requests table
* Bug fix: Fixed delete action of add-on warranty for variables

2014-03-05 – version 1.1.2
* Enhancement: Added support for returning variation stock
* Cleanup: Minor tweaks to the warranty form

2014-02-08 – version 1.1.1
* Bug fix: Fixed issue with add-to-cart and variations
* Enhancements: Added pagination and sorting to bulk warranty editor

2014-02-05 – version 1.1.0
* Enhancement: WooCommerce 2.1 support
* Enhancement: Bulk product warranty editor
* Enhancement: Ability to assign specific user roles different statuses to manage workflow and jobs
* Enhancement: Custom request form builder – create your own custom forms

2013-11-10 – version 1.0.6
* Bug fix: CSV Import support missing meta details

2013-10-29 – version 1.0.5
* Enhancement: Added {warranty_question} variable for email templates
* Bug fix: Fixed display of warranty request notes in the admin
* Enhancement: Support for CSV Import Suite – warranty_type, warranty, warranty_duration, warranty_unit, warranty_label
* Bug fix: Remove duplicate order number search

2013-09-30 – version 1.0.4
* Bug fix: Button customizations weren’t loading in frontend
* Enhancement: Ability to delete warranty requests/RMA from admin
* Bug fix: Ensure that warranties are only started at correct status
* Bug fix: Add support for matching ID of warranty request to orders using sequential order number extension

2013-09-17 – version 1.0.3
* Setting: Define on what statuses you want to display the warranty button to purchasers

2013-09-10 – version 1.0.2
* Improvement: Hide individual product warranties on bundle purchases – show the bundles warranty only

2013-08-08 – version 1.0.1
* Feature: Return item to stock from warranty interface

2013-07-25 – version 1.0.0
* First release