WooCommerce Smart Coupons 3.3.0 Extension

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WooCommerce Smart Coupons Extensions

WooCommerce Smart Coupons Extension

WooCommerce Smart Coupons Extension Version : 3.3.0

The Smart Coupons extension for WooCommerce adds discount coupons, gift certificates, store credits and vouchers to your store.


Product Description

WooCommerce Smart Coupons 3.3.0 Extension

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Allow customers to buy credits for themselves or gift to others, automatically issue coupons on product purchases, generate coupons in bulk, “Apply Coupon with One Click” and much more…

From getting started to using it day in and out, Smart Coupons provides the most advanced and “all-in-one” coupon solution for WooCommerce. Whether you want to offer store credits, generate a bunch of coupons for a promotion or provide links to customers with coupons embedded in them, whether you want to style coupons to your branding or allow gifting; Smart Coupons covers it all!

Thousands of store owners rely on Smart Coupons everyday – making it one of the most popular WooCommerce extensions for marketing.


Top 10 Reasons To Use Smart Coupons

  • Comprehensive Store Credit system – grow lifetime customer value by selling store credits / credit notes
  • Hassle free Gift Certificates – Allow sending gift cards / credits to multiple people with custom messages
  • Link coupons with a product such that coupons are issued automatically on order completion – this raises current and future sales
  • Flexible Import / Export – generate coupons in bulk, send them via email, add them to WooCommerce, import via CSV and even export for sharing with partners
  • Apply Coupon with One Click technology – shows coupons on Cart & My Account page and allows applying with single click
  • Easy sharing with URL Coupons – pass coupon code in a link to apply it automatically
  • Beautiful Designs to show coupons – plus easy embedding with a shortcode, handy coupon insertion tool in content editor and full design control via CSS
  • Totally Self Managed – automatic credit balance maintenance, automatic coupon removal on zero balance and more
  • Compatible with popular WooCommerce plugins – including Chained Products, Subscriptions and others
  • Seamless integration with WooCommerce – you get all benefits of standard coupon system, Smart Coupons adds more features, yet you’d be surprised at its ease of use

There is much more to Smart Coupons though… Read the documentation for detailed guides on using Smart Coupons on your site.

Secret “Take My Sales Through The Roof” Strategies

Here are some quick actions you can take on your store to grow sales and wow customers – even today!

Strategy #1: Smartly Priced Discounted Credits
Find out your average order size – let’s say $175. Create a Store Credit / Gift Certificate coupon for higher amount – $250. Create a new product and price it at a value slightly above average order size. In this case, the new product can be priced at $200. Ensure the discount is lucrative enough. What you’ve just done is attracted your customers with a good discount, made them pay in advance, and continue spending in future to deplete their credit balance.

Strategy #2: Offer Discount On Higher Priced Product While Purchasing Lower Priced Product
Create a discount coupon and allow usage only on a specific higher priced product. Link this coupon with a related lower priced product. This way more people will buy the lower priced product and many of them will convert to higher priced product as well.

Strategy #3: Offer Multiple Credit Coupons With One Product
More the merrier! Create multiple coupons of varying denominations and offer them on one or more products. Customers always like a steal!

Strategy #4: Holiday Season Gift Certificates / Time Limited Offers
Create a discount / credit coupon that is valid between a particular time range. Smartly price the coupon. Promote the offer in advance, you can even keep raising offer price as coupon start time comes closer. This will create scarcity and prompt people to buy more and buy earlier.

Strategy #5: Partner with a “Deals” site
Generate a bunch of coupons – and export them to a CSV file. Now share this CSV file with the “deals” site, so they can issue one coupon to each purchaser. You can import the CSV file back into your store so when buyers use the coupon, they get the promised deal. To make for a seamless experience, give a direct link to the product on offer with the generated coupon in the URL.

Strategy #6: Create an “Available Offers” page on your site
Create a new page in WordPress, link it from a prominent place on your site. And use shortcodes to display coupons for offers you have currently available. You can even use images, link them to a product page and pass the coupon code in the URL. People looking for deals will find this irresistable!


  • The best thing about Smart Coupons is that it is used by thousands of people and hence is battle tested and covers almost everything you may want to do with coupons.
  • Not only it improves the built in coupons system, it adds new business centric features helping you make more money with less work!
  • Plus it comes with detailed documentation and awesome support.

Go ahead, download it today! You won’t go wrong with it!


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*** WooCommerce Smart Coupons Changelog ***

2017.04.19 – version 3.3.0
* New: WooCommerce 3.0+ compatibility
* New: Use of PHP classes for different features (Distributed code from single file to multiple files)
* New: Filter for setting coupon meta data for other types of coupon added by 3rd party plugins
* Update: Will now support only WooCommerce 2.5+
* Update: Formatted coupon label support for 3rd party plugins
* Update: POT file

2017.03.31 – version 3.2.1
* Fix: Discount added by store credit is not being passed to PayPal, if discount applied is more than cart item total
* Fix: Coupons missing under “My Account” if product/category restriction present
* Fix: Coupon not shown in email confirmation when paying for a Gift certificate with PayPal Express
* Update: Limit number of coupons to show on cart, checkout & my-account page (Default: 5, can be modified using database or filter)
* Update: Added currency symbol to price in “Total Credit Amount” in Coupons tab on My Account page
* Update: CSS for “Total Credit Amount” in Coupons tab on My Account page
* Update: POT file

2017.02.06 – version 3.2
* New: Show Store Credit & other coupons separately on Coupons tab under My Account page (WooCommerce 2.6+)
* New: Show total credit amount available to reedem on Coupons tab under My Account page (WooCommerce 2.6+)
* Update: Do not show Coupon Received section on My Account page (can be changed via option – show_coupon_received_on_my_account)
* Update: CSS tweaks for showing scroll bar on Cart & Checkout page for coupons
* Update: POT file

2017.01.05 – version 3.1.9
* Fix: Coupons sent in email is not applying when clicked
* Fix: Coupon code applied via URL is not working sometimes
* Update: POT file

2016.12.15 – version 3.1.8
* Fix: Store Credit restricted to products or product categories not calculating the total correctly
* Update: Email Subject line for store credit emails
* Update: Grammatical correction in Send Store Credit form on checkout page (when sending to multiple people)
* Update: POT file

2016.09.27 – version 3.1.7
* Fix: Store Credit not applying discount

2016.09.19 – version 3.1.6
* Fix: Store Credit, restricted to products or product categories, making cart/order total zero
* Fix: Export existing coupon is not using correct delimiter in case of multiple products & product categories

2016.09.09 – version 3.1.5
* Fix: Striping currency of products on shop page

2016.09.08 – version 3.1.4
* Fix: Fatal error – Can’t use method return value in write context

2016.09.07 – version 3.1.3
* Fix: Coupon’s field will not be displayed if there is no other field in General tab of Product data metabox (Thanks to: Remi Corson)
* Fix: 1-click apply coupon is not working after quantity is updated in cart
* Fix: ‘Any amount’ coupon product displays `free` when Memberships plugin is activated
* Fix: Fatal error ‘wc_help_tip’ not defined (only for WooCommerce lower than 2.5)
* Tweak: Remove tax information text from cart & order, when total is zero due to store credit

2016.07.18 – version 3.1.2
* Fix: Sometimes Store Credit is discounting only 1 product in cart (store credit is restricted to be used on products & cart contains 3 line item of same variations)
* Fix: Rounding totals of individual tax instead of rounding individual tax & then totaling, when store credit is applied to cart
* Fix: ‘Store Credit Used’ alignment on order edit page
* Fix: Sometimes product created to sell store credit showing as “Free”

2016.06.20 – version 3.1.1
* Fix: Undefined index notice on My Account Page on WooCommerce 2.6.1
* Fix: Absence of rounding in tax causing wrong discounting when ‘Product’ or ‘Product category’ is set in store credit

2016.06.16 – version 3.1
* New: Tested upto WooCommerce 2.6
* New: Coupons Tab under My Account page
* New: Coupon layout on front end
* Fix: Bulk generated storewide coupons not visible on cart, checkout & my account page
* Update: Added compatibility files for WooCommerce 2.5 & WooCommerce 2.6
* Update: POT file
* Tweak: Changed content on Welcome page

2016.05.23 – version 3.0.17
* Fix: Warning messages of ‘subquery returning more than one row’ when showing coupons on cart, checkout & my account page

2016.05.05 – version 3.0.16
* Fix: Fatal error during activation “empty() only supports variables”
* Fix: Send Store credit to others not working on checkout page

2016.05.03 – version 3.0.15
* Fix: Related to the query optimization for showing coupons on cart, checkout & my account page
* Update: Query optimization for store credit type coupons showing on cart, checkout & my account page

2016.04.27 – version 3.0.14
* Fix: Related to the query optimization for showing coupons on cart, checkout & my account page

2016.04.27 – version 3.0.13
* Fix: Remove usage of get_currentuserinfo() which is deprecated in WordPress 4.5
* Fix: JavaScript error “unrecognized expression” when a coupon code containing special characters is applied
* Update: Added filter to modify coupon URL in email
* Update: Query optimization for showing coupons on cart, checkout & my account page

2016.03.18 – version 3.0.12
* Fix: Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in WooCommerce Subscriptions
* Fix: View subscription showing empty page
* Fix: Subscription list on admin side is broken
* Fix: “Send store credit” giving fatal error & many PHP notices & warnings
* Fix: Store Credit details sending in refunded order email as well
* Update: Compatibility file for WooCommerce greater than equal to 2.4.0
* Update: Minor update in style of “Send” button on “Send Store Credit” page

2016.03.11 – version 3.0.11
* New: Support for sending WooCommerce core discount types to friends
* New: Hook ‘sc_generate_coupon_meta’ to allow addition of coupon meta from 3rd party plugins
* Fix: CSS tweaks for Bulk Generate tab
* Fix: Store Credit are charged twice when user is registered from checkout page
* Fix: Use store’s date format to show expiry date of coupon
* Fix: PHP Notice: Undefined index: QUERY_STRING
* Fix: Errors when manually triggering a renewal using the subscriptions action scheduler
* Fix: Auto generating coupon on subscription renewals even when it was set to not generate
* Fix: On subscription renewals, auto generated coupons was sent to customer who placed that order
* Update: Only add subscriptions filters when cart/order contains a subscription
* Update: Compatibility with WooCommerce Subscription 2.0.10+
* Update: POT file
* Update: Tested with WooCommerce Subscription v2.0.11
* Tweak: Welcome page content improvements
* Tweak: Minor change in handling URL arguments
* Tweak: Set renewal order status, when auto paid via store credit, to processing, only when order needs processing

2016.01.25 – version 3.0.10
* Fix: Fatal error: Call to undefined method WC_Subscriptions_Coupon::increase_coupon_discount_amount for WooCommerce Subscription lower than 2.0
* Update: Tested upto WooCommerce 2.5

2015.12.15 – version 3.0.9
* Fix: “Send Store Credit” not generating coupon
* Fix: Coupons sent via email, sometimes showing only “Never Expires”

2015.12.08 – version 3.0.8
* Fix: Store Credit applying in cart but not reducing order total

2015.12.07 – version 3.0.7
* New: Compatibility with WooCommerce Subscription 2.0+
* Fix: Fatal error due to undefined function ‘wc_get_price_decimal_separator’
* Fix: Email sent after coupon generated via shortcode is always showing ‘store credit’ even if it is other discount type
* Fix: Coupon applied through URL, redirecting to cart by default, resulting in removal of coupon from cart
* Fix: Coupon applied thorugh URL, not carry forwarding other query params
* Fix: Increasing store credit’s amount when order is cancelled before payment
* Update: Additional setting for `smart_coupon` shortcode to control number of coupons to be generated on page reload
* Tweak: Made some variables accessible to remove PHP notices

2015.10.17 – version 3.0.6
* Fix: PHP warning “html_entity_decode() expects parameter 1 to be string” in “Store Credit Receiver Detail” form on checkout page
* Fix: Store Credit having ‘Usage Restriction’ on products & categories, was giving more than allowed discount
* Fix: Remove PHP notices from “Bulk Generate / Import Coupons” admin page
* Fix: Unnecessary notice “Coupon Removed” from cart & checkout page
* Fix: Duplicate amount deduction from store credit when WooCommerce Multilingual is active (Thanks to: Permanyer)
* Fix: A coupon offering only “Free Shipping” are not being auto-generated & send via email from “Bulk Generate Coupons” method.
* Fix: WooCommerce core coupons are not auto-generating when associated with a product along with store credit
* Update: Setting to switch on / switch off, sending of emails from Smart Coupons
* Update: POT file
* Tweak: Remove a line of code which was unnecessarily creating instance of WP_Query, affecting performance of the plugin (Thanks to: Lindsay Hemric)
* Tweak: Showing “Free Shipping” information, if applicable, in coupons displayed on cart, checkout & my account page
* Tweak: Show information about “Free Shipping”, if applicable, in email content header

2015.09.22 – version 3.0.5
* Fix: Show ‘Discount’ & ‘Store Credit Used’ separately
* Fix: Store Credit amount in description for attached coupons are not changing per variations
* Fix: Store Credit not applying when subscription sign-up fee is zero, due to this Store Credit can’t be used for auto-renewal payment
* Fix: Coupon’s description is not copied to auto generated coupons
* Fix: ‘Free Gift’ coupons are not displayed on checkout page (Thanks to: Kathy)
* Update: Allow attaching of coupons to all WooCommerce product types
* Tweak: Replaced ‘woocommerce_price’ with compatibility function for price
* Tweak: Minor change in compatibility file

2015.08.14 – version 3.0.4
* Fix: Issuing more store credit when purchasing store credit in multiple quantities

2015.08.13 – version 3.0.3
* Fix: Incorrect placeholder for coupon in product edit screen
* Fix: Showing empty round bracket ‘()’ if currency symbol is hidden, on ‘Purchase Credit’ page
* Fix: ‘woocommerce_admin is not defined’ while bulk generating coupons
* Fix: Missing text domain in few places
* Update: Updated POT file

2015.07.16 – version 3.0.2
* Update: Show a notice about important setting related to store credit

2015.07.15 – version 3.0.1
* Update: Change of Text Domain & Language loader (Thanks to: Nicola Mustone)
* Update: More details in displayed coupons (Thanks to: Doug Smith)
* Update: Refunding or cancelling an order were not restoring credit amounts back to coupons, which was used in the order
* Fix: Only recently received coupons are visible under ‘Coupons Received’ on My Account page

2015.06.18 – version 3.0
* Fix: When applying discounts for store credit, usage restrictions related to product & product categories was not considered (Thanks to: Steven Taumoepeau)
* Update: Use of WooCommerce Coupon’s meta box for displaying coupon data fields under ‘Bulk Generate Coupons’
* Update: Remove process of combining similar coupons
* Update: Added POT file for translation
* Tweak: Limit height of ‘Available coupons’ on cart, checkout & my account page, and make it scrollable
* Tweak: Limit height of ‘Coupons Received’ on my account page & ‘Coupons Sent’ on order admin page. Additionally make it scrollable
* Tweak: Removed admin menu ‘Smart Coupons’, can now be accessed from ‘Coupons’
* Tweak: By default, hide associated coupon details on product page

2015.05.20 – version 2.9
* New: Support for auto-debit from store credit in subscription renewals, when the store credit is applied during sign-up / first purchase of subscription
* New: Welcome page with features & faqs
* Fix: Don’t copy meta ‘_used_by’ after duplicating coupon
* Fix: Not passing discounts added by store credit to PayPal & Mijireh
* Fix: $order->get_total_discount() returns zero when store credit used in order
* Fix: CSS of Smart Coupons conflicting with CSS of other post_types
* Fix: Smart Coupon’s CSS file added on unrequired admin pages, causing broken fields from other plugins
* Update: Don’t show friend’s coupons to sender
* Update: Instead of deleting fully used store credit, trash it, so that it can be retrieved later, if required

2015.04.09 – version 2.8.6
* Fix: Incorrect discount calculation when store credit applied along with other discount type in cart

2015.03.27 – version 2.8.5
* Fix: Missing text domains at some places
* Fix: Product which allows to purchase store credit doesn’t show currency symbol
* Fix: PHP Warning: Illegal string offset ‘coupon_type’
* Fix: Replaced ‘isset’ with ’empty’ as ‘isset’ was giving Fatal Error
* Update: Allow filtered export
* Update: Added styles for coupon code with additional details which is sent after coupon generation via email
* Update: Access to Smart Coupons’ feature from WooCommerce Coupon page
* Update: Added new fields for coupon in import
* Update: Added label for store credit, to be displayed in cart or order
* Update: Replace ‘type’ with ‘discount_type’. Look for discount_type in key ‘discount_type’ instead of ‘type’

2015.03.17 – version 2.8.4
* Fix: Broken ‘Set featured image’ due to undefined ‘wc_select_params’

2015.03.06 – version 2.8.3
* Fix: Credit should be applied after shipping & taxation
* Fix: Smart Coupon balance not updating correctly
* Fix: Usage limit data of coupon was not added when auto generating coupons
* Fix: Sometimes not generating unique coupon codes
* Fix: Unnecessary coupon notices related to Store Credit on cart & checkout page, when Store Credit’s balance is zero
* Fix: ‘One click apply coupon’ not working from My Account page (WooCommerce 2.3.x)

2015.02.13 – version 2.8.2
* Fix: Conflict with discount of WooCommerce core coupons

2015.02.11 – version 2.8.1
* Fix: ‘One click apply coupon’ not working (WooCommerce 2.2)
* Update: Minor update in coupon notice & javascript for applying coupon

2015.02.10 – version 2.8
* Update: WooCommerce 2.3 compatible
* Update: Discount calculation for Smart Coupons
* Fix: Few fields of coupon was not added when auto generating coupons
* Fix: Emails not sending when bulk generating & importing coupons and when ‘Disable Email Resriction’ is checked

2015.02.02 – version 2.7
* Fix: Conflict with ‘Product CSV Import Suite’
* Fix: Customer email was adding via Import, even if ‘Disable Email Restriction’ was checked
* Fix: Coupon displayed via shortcode always show discount type as ‘Store Credit’ for all discount type
* Fix: Email subject always show coupon, even if Store Credit is sent
* Fix: ‘Coupons received’ details not coming up in order complete email for customer
* Fix: ‘Coupons received’ on My Account page shows trashed coupons
* New: Template for purchasing ‘Credit of any amount’
* Update: Allowed searching of all discount type, when adding Smart Coupons shortcode from WordPress editor
* Update: Support for template path ‘woocommerce/woocommerce-smart-coupons/email.php’ in addition to ‘woocommerce-smart-coupons/email.php’ and ’email.php’
* Update: More fields for discount type ‘Store Credit / Gift Certificate’ on coupon edit page
* Update: Made meta data protected which are added from Smart Coupons
* Update: By default, uncheck, ‘Delete Gift / Credit’ in Smart Coupons Storewide setting at WooCommerce -> Settings

2014.12.23 – version 2.6.2
* Fix: Smart Coupons shortcode button’s incorrect allignement (Thanks to: Kevin Hagerty)
* Fix: Minor update in style of “coupon shortcode form” to display it on top-most layer
* Fix: “Gift store credit to someone else” not working, generated coupons are getting send to sender
* Fix: Discount amount of store credit not visible in cart after applying

2014.12.03 – version 2.6.1
* Fix: “Store Credit Receiver Details” form not showing email & message fields
* Fix: Showing “Invalid email error” even after entering a valid email address in “Store Credit Receiver Details” form

2014.10.31 – version 2.6
* Update: Performance improvement by query optimization
* Fix: Unnecessary loading of JavaScript on front-end
* Fix: Some fields of coupons not importing

2014.10.04 – version 2.5
* Fix: Coupon code in URL not working properly with Add to cart in URL
* Fix: After applying store credit, discounts are applying on renewals also
* Update: Show spinner on clicked coupon when it is being applied to cart

2014.09.09 – version 2.4
* Update: WooCommerce 2.2 compatible
* Update: Docblocks & Indentation
* Fix: Minor CSS fix

2014.08.23 – version 2.3
* Fix: Conflict with PDF Invoice plugin
* Fix: Apply coupon on cart redirect to home page in some cases
* Fix: Shortcode query related bug
* Fix: All coupons shows up for logged in user with no email address set
* Update: All new coupon meta fields available for import and export functionality

2014.07.16 – version 2.2.2
* Fix: “Apply coupon by one click” conflict with different version of IE
* Fix: Unnecessary “No records found” in email

2014.05.27 – version 2.2.1
* Fix: Localization for javascript error message
* Fix: Plugin’s name was hardcoded
* Fix: Smart Coupon shortcode: Fixes related to JavaScript errors & changed icon for button

2014.05.02 – version 2.2
* Update: Message field for sending credit from admin

2014.04.14 – version 2.1.3
* Fix: Minor fix related to misssing global $woocommerce

2014.03.27 – version 2.1.2
* Fix: Unnecessary “No records found” in email

2014.03.25 – version 2.1.1
* Fix: Gift certificate email not sent with special characters in subject
* Fix: Unnecessary “No records found” on My Account page
* Fix: Unnecessary warnings in email

2014.03.11 – version 2.1
* Fix: Upper case in coupon code causes “Coupon does not exist!” error
* Fix: Addition of ‘coupon_sent’ meta in all orders
* New: Feature to show coupon sent / received to store admin / customer
* New: Filter to allow export of more coupon’s field (custom meta)
* Update: Included new coupon field (added in WC 2.1+) in export

2014.01.23 – version 2.0
* Update: WooCommerce 2.1 compatibility
* Fix: Incorrect coupon generation
* Update: Other minor fixes related to PHP warnings.

2014.01.08 – version 1.6.5
* Fix: Additional space in email’s subject
* Update: Support for overriding email template of Smart Coupons

2013.12.21 – version 1.6.4
* New: Coupon code send via email are URL Coupon link (Integration with WooCommerce URL Coupons)

2013.12.07 – version 1.6.3
* Update: Notification for undefined function ‘mb_detect_encoding’ for preventing fatal error
* Fix: Coupons generating 2 times in some cases

2013.12.03 – version 1.6.2
* Fix: ‘Add to cart’ from catalog page redirecting to that product’s shop page
* Update: Show ‘Free Shipping coupon’ on Cart / Checkout page

2013.11.29 – version 1.6.1
* Fix: Empty receiver’s email address in acknowledgement email to sender
* Fix: PHP warnings

2013.11.15 – version 1.6
* Fix: Coupons not generating for product having price zero
* Fix: Warnings for BC Math module of PHP
* Fix: Warnings for incorrect line ending while importing coupons
* Fix: Warnings on shop page when showing coupons using shortcode
* Update: Added buttons for products which are used to sell credits on shop archive page
* Update: Additional field in coupons to make it visible on cart / checkout to everyone
* Update: Additional field to prevent addition of emails in ‘Email restriction’ field of coupons
* New: Option to allow recursive coupon generation along with subscription renewal order (by default coupon generation on renewal order is disabled)

2013.09.12 – version 1.5.1
* Fix: Change CSS code to remove conflict with other wordpress elements
* Fix: Sometimes failed to add store credit / gift certificate in cart
* Fix: Unwanted ‘console.debug’ was breaking functionality in IE10
* Fix: Removed unwanted field from coupon configuration if it is Store Credit

2013.09.01 – version 1.5
* Fix: Coupons & emails are not getting generated in few cases
* New: Coupon can be applied from My Account page or from URL query string [coupon-code=coupon_name]
* New: Generated coupon’s details like – coupon code, receiver email & messages are saved in order meta ‘sc_coupon_receiver_details’
* Update: Allow addition of different Store Credit amount in same order
* Update: Changes in Store Credit Receiver Details form layout
* Update: Changes in Coupon shortcode popup window
* Update: Separate message field for each e-mail address on Store Credit Receiver Detail form
* Update: Coupons can be associated with product_type ‘subscription’ & ‘variable subscription’
* Update: Changes in email content to be sent
* Update: Minor change in showing expiry date of coupons
* Update: Don’t show expired coupons

2013.08.08 – version 1.4.2
* Fix: PHP Warning

2013.08.02 – version 1.4.1
* Fix: ‘Add to cart’ not working after page says ‘Invalid amount’

2013.08.01 – version 1.4
* Fix: Credit amount picking up price of product, even if it is not set
* Fix: Show Coupon’s field only for simple & variable products, on products edit page
* New: Shortcode [smart_coupons]
* New: Style of coupons display on Cart, Checkout and My Account pages
* New: CSS Classes to change style of coupons

2013.07.29 – version 1.3.2
* Update: Validation before purchase of credit amount
* Update: Changed credit field from ‘text field’ to ‘number field’
* Update: Hide unnecessary text from product shop page if coupon is invalid

2013.07.26 – version 1.3.1
* Fix: Issue with localization

2013.07.12 – version 1.3
* New: Field for setting expiry date of coupon in days, weeks, months & years
* Update: Support for adding many manual store credit / gift certificate in same

2013.05.17 – version
* Fix: PHP Warning: Invalid argument for foreach

2013.05.13 – version 1.2.9
* New: More data fields for generation & import of coupons
* New: Option to e-mail coupon’s code to respective customers while importing coupons
* New: Option to set/modify texts from Smart Coupons to be displayed on front end
* Update: Option to prevent addition of emails through Smart Coupons in ‘E-mail Restriction’ field of coupons

2013.05.01 – version
* Update: Converted all front end javascript to inline javascript using ‘add_inline_js’ of WC object

2013.04.29 – version
* Update: Location of ‘Gift Certificate Receiver Detail Form’ on Checkout page
* Update: Included text ‘Purchase credit worth’ in HTML element

2013.04.24 – version
* Fix: Changed hook for displaying “Store Credit detail” form
* Fix: Changing ‘customer_email’ field of coupon on ‘Profile’ update

2013.04.20 – version
* Fix: Export coupon failing when site name is a URL

2013.03.19 – version
* Fix: Fatal error of ‘Call to undefined function str_getcsv()’ for PHP version lower than 5.3
* Update: Display all available coupons on ‘My Account’ page instead of showing just ‘Store Credit’

2013.03.11 – version
* Fix: Fatal error of “Cannot re-assign auto-global variable _POST”

2013.02.28 – version
* Fix: Store Credit getting sent multiple times on order status change

2013.02.28 – version 1.2.8
* Fix: For errors while importing coupons having same coupon code
* New: Bulk generation of coupons. Either export them in CSV file or directly import
* New: Export coupons list from store which can be used for importing also.
* New: Support for PayPal Express Checkout
* Update: ‘Send Store Credit’ feature now supports sending of bulk Store Credit to multiple e-mail ids (comma separated) at one go

2013.02.22 – version
* Fix: ‘Minimum amount’ field of coupon was not considered in generation/creation of another coupon
* Text Changes

2013.02.12 – version 1.2.7
* Fix: Fatal error, when sending invoice of order (on which coupons are applied) to customer’s e-mail

2013.01.30 – version 1.2.6
* Update: Compatible version for both WooCommerce 1.6.6 & 2.0.0
* Fix: Customer not getting full usage of the coupon which they have received after purchasing multiple quantities of the product

2012.12.27 – version 1.2.5
* Fix: Products configured for ‘Store Credit of any amount’ was getting added with price zero, when it was getting added from Catalog/Shop page

2012.12.19 – version 1.2.4
* Fix for notices

2012.12.10 – version 1.2.3
* Fix: Store Credit once applied, is not getting removed
* Fix: Unable to bring coupon’s list in auto-complete text-field, when associating coupons to product
* Fix: Store Credit / Gift Certificate is added to cart with price zero

2012.12.04 – version 1.2.2
* New updater

2012.11.20 – version 1.2.1
* Updated: Better localisation compatibility for the plugin – separate text domain
* Updated: Currency symbol added when user enters the amount for a gift certificate of any denomination

2012.11.19 – version 1.2
* New: Allow purchasing gift certificates / store credits of any denomination
(compatible with “WooCommerce Name Your Price” plugin too)
* New: Feature to Send Store Credit / Gift Certificate to multiple people
* New: Additional setting to change subject of E-mail containing Coupon Codes
* Removed: “Apply Before Tax” option for Store Credit / Gift Certificate
* Updated: URL for store that is included in e-mails
* Fix: Expiry date of generated coupons getting set to 1970

2012.10.19 – version 1.1.1
* Small case change

2012.10.11 – version 1.1
* New: Bulk Import for Coupons
* New: Automatic Generation of Coupons
* New: Support for adding prefix & suffix to automatically generated coupons
* New: “Duplicate Coupon”
* New: Send Store Credit / Gift Certificate
* New: Support for searching a coupon using Customer’s e-mail address
* Updated: Notify customer about balance remaining in Store Credit / Gift Certificate in “Order Completed” e-mail
* Updated: Link to the store is included in e-mails
* Fixed: “Order stays in processing state & never completes” problem

2012.08.07 – version 1.0
* First release