WooCommerce Square 1.0.16 Extension

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WooCommerce Square ExtensionWooCommerce Square Extension

WooCommerce Square Extension Version : 1.0.16

The WooCommerce Square extension allows you to keep your Offline and Online Payments synchronized, keep your inventory up-to-date (via automatic sync between Square and WooCommerce) and to accept every payment everywhere (e.g. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay) with a clear pricing structure and free chargeback protection (requires a Square Account and Square Reader for offline transactions).


Product Description

WooCommerce Square 1.0.16 Extension

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Bring brick-and-mortar and online together

Keep your offline and online stores connected by linking your Square account and WooCommerce store.

Offline and online payments with one solution

WooCommerce Square - payments by Square

Use Square to take payments on your online store.

Keep your online inventory up-to-date with your offline inventory

WooCommerce Square - inventory sync

Automatically sync inventory changes between Square and WooCommerce.

Save time by only updating once

WooCommerce Square - two-way sync

Create and update products in WooCommerce, then see those changes in Square. Change anything from product names to prices.

Square helps businesses of all sizes to start, run and grow with intuitive, powerful tools

Square Offering

  • Accept every payment, everywhere
    The new Square Reader lets you dip EMV chip cards and accept NFC payments like Apple Pay. You can also swipe magnetic-stripe cards with the included magstripe reader.
  • Clear pricing, fast deposits
    Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express for 2.75% per tab, dip, or swipe. Pay 2.90% + 30 cents per transaction for online sales. Get deposits in your bank account in one to two business days.
  • Free Chargeback Protection
    If you receive chargebacks when selling with Square and we determine that you have followed best practices, Square automatically covers up to $250 in eligible chargebacks each month free.

Key features:

  • Use Square to accept all major credit cards with WooCommerce
  • Take payments online and offline for the products you’ve already created in WooCommerce
  • Manually sync products from WooCommerce to Square, or from Square to WooCommerce — no need to set up items twice
  • New products created in WooCommerce will automatically be added to Square
  • Sync inventory automatically between WooCommerce and Square — when an item is purchased, inventory will be updated on both platforms
  • Compatible with WooCommerce 2.5 and up
  • Square eCommerce payments is only available in the US and Canada
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*** WooCommerce Square Changelog ***

2017-03-31 – version 1.0.16
* Add – Confirmation message before bulk sync.
* Add – Cron schedules for when product stock changes instead of firing off immediately.

2017-03-27 – version 1.0.15
* Update – Additional updates for WooCommerce 3.0.0 compatibility.
* Add – Support for UK market.

2017-03-13 – version 1.0.14
* Fix – When multiple notify emails are set, causes 500 server error.
* Fix – Sync issues when syncing large datasets.
* Fix – Sync item with no sku sometimes gets corrupted with other item data.
* Update – WooCommerce 3.0.0 compatibility.

2017-01-17 – version 1.0.13
* Add – Support for Australian markets.

2017-01-09 – version 1.0.12
* Fix – When syncing inventory WC to Square, stock level becomes zero.

2016-10-26 – version 1.0.11
* Fix – When WC API is used, it can cause duplicate WC API Exception.

2016-10-14 – version 1.0.10
* Update – Make sure Square only works for US and CA merchants.

2016-09-12 – version 1.0.9
* Fix – Normalize price when syncing Square to WC to prevent errors.
* Add – Option to disable sync per product.

2016-09-08 – version 1.0.8
* Add – WC Products CRUD to replace REST API for creating products to prevent interference with wc-api.
* Add – Filter to add custom DOM elements for payments to render payment form “woocommerce_square_payment_form_trigger_element”.
* Fix – Payments token expiration was not handled correctly due to using API v2.

2016-08-30 – version 1.0.7
* Tweak – Replace all wp_remote_requests with raw cURL.
* Fix – In IE, the browser won’t replace iFrame form fields when it is hidden.

2016-08-27 – version 1.0.6
* Add – Clear cache/transient tool in system status->tool.
* Fix – Prevent infinite loop when polling Square inventory.

2016-08-25 – version 1.0.5
* Fix – Image not syncing when using wp_remote_request. Changed to raw cURL.

2016-08-19 – version 1.0.4
* Tweak – Payment form field styles.
* Add – woocommerce_square_payment_input_styles filter to allow manipulation of the form styles.
* Fix – When duplicating product in WC, it replaces the original product on Square.
* Fix – In FireFox, the browser won’t replace iFrame form fields when it is hidden.

2016-08-16 – version 1.0.3
* Fix – When duplicating product in WC, it replaces the original product on Square.
* Fix – oAuth tokens were not renewing properly.

2016-08-04 – version 1.0.2
* Update – HTTP protocol to version 1.1 to prevent timeouts.

2016-08-01 – version 1.0.1
* Tweak – Make credit card form fields more responsive in mobile devices.
* Fix – Square list endpoints may return duplicates, so put in place a check for that.

2016-07-26 – version 1.0.0
* First Release