WooCommerce Variation Swatches and Photos 3.0.3 Extension

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WooCommerce Variation Swatches and Photos Extensions

WooCommerce Variation Swatches and Photos Extension

WooCommerce Variation Swatches and Photos Extension Version : 3.0.3

The Variation Swatches and Photos extension for WooCommerce allows you to show color and image swatches instead of dropdowns for variable products.


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Product Description

WooCommerce Variation Swatches and Photos 3.0.3 Extension

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Replace drop down fields on your variable products with WooCommerce Color and Image Swatches with this easy to use extension

Using color and image swatches provides a much nicer way to display the available colors of a product, available styles, available sizes, or pretty much anything else that you can display using an image or color.

Shoppers appreciate seeing visual representations of product attributes when using your store, and it can help make things feel polished and clean. WooCommerce Color and Image swatches is your answer if you are looking to edge out the competition by sprucing up variable products available in your store.

The admin interface lets you define colours and images at attribute level, or product level:

Custom swatches for a product

For live examples of the plugin in action, see the demos.


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*** WooCommerce Variation Swatches and Photos ***
2017.04.05 – version 3.0.3
* Fix: Fix fatal error when loading swatches via AJAX.

2017.03.07 – version 3.0.2
* Update: Render image alt text for image swatches.

2017.02.06 – version 3.0.1
* Fix: Rebind variation forms when part of a composite product and a new composite option is shown.

2016.12.25 – version 3.0.0
* Update: WC 2.7 Ready

2017.01.10 – version 2.1.11
* Update: Compatibility with WC 2.6.7 and greater for default attribute selections.

2016.12.09 – version 2.1.10
* Update: Adds small amount of padding around radio inputs.
* Update: Tested to WP 4.7

2016.11.02 – version 2.1.9
* Update: Better Compatibility with WooCommerce Composite Products. Fixes an issue where a composite product with multiple options would not allow you to select a swatch
after you had selected a product from the composite dropdown.

2016.10.12 – version 2.1.8
* Fix: Fix issue where the Crop setting on the Swatches Image Size would always be selected regardless of what the user actually configured.
* Fix: Fix issue where swatch configuration would be lost if the product attribute slug was changed.

2016.10.05 – version 2.1.7
* Update: Use the WooCommerce Placeholder image from core using filters rather than hardcoded.

2016.10.04 – version 2.1.6
* Update: Correctly hide labels when clicking the clear / reset button.
* Update: Correctly show label below swatches rather than to the right when the Below option is selected.
* Update: Version bump for assets, tested to.

2016.08.04 – version 2.1.5
* Update: Added “Label Below” option.

2016.04.14 – version 2.1.4
* Fix: Compatibility with WooCommerce Quick View.

2016.02.17 – version 2.1.3
* Update: wc_core_dropdown_variation_attribute_options to match latest wc_dropdown_variation_attribute_options function.
* Update: Render label for default variation selections.

2016.02.15 – version 2.1.2
* Update: Use inline display:none to hide the default select when swatches or radios are being used.

2016.02.09 – version 2.1.1
* Update: Generate .pot file.
* Update: Load text domain from ‘wc_swatches_and_photos’, WP_LANG_DIR . ‘/woocommerce/wc_swatches_and_photos-‘ . $locale . ‘.mo’
* Note, Put your custom plugin translations in your WordPress language directory, located at: WP_LANG_DIR . ‘/woocommerce/wc_swatches_and_photos-‘ . $locale . ‘.mo’

2016.01.19 – version 2.1.0
* Fix: Adds labels back in.
* Update: Adds Radio Buttons as an option when choosing a swatch type.
* Update: Handle AJAX loading of the variations form.
Loads product variations via an AJAX call to prevent huge amounts of data being rendered on data attributes for the form tag.
Improves the core user experience by enabling and disabling options in default select boxes. WooCommerce core does not do this when it’s using AJAX for processing.
Uses optimized functions for fast retrieval of variation data.
Reverts changes made in 2.0.3 to completely disable AJAX processing.
* Update: Use newer style media library for managing image swatches.
* Update: Admin UI tweak to correctly show and live update the attribute color or image label.

2016.01.14 – version 2.0.3
* Fix: Disable AJAX variation processing when swatches are being used on a product.

2016.01.14 – version 2.0.2
* Fix: Fixes issue caused by undefined index on variable products created when the extension was not active.

2016.01.04 – version 2.0.1
* Update: Version bump for plugin files.

2016.01.04 – version 2.0.0
* Change: Vastly simplify how the script processes available variations and controls the swatches which are available.
This rewrite no longer overrides the variable.php file and therefore no longer needs to have template files.
The same filters which were present in 1.7.1 are available for control of the plugin output.

The main difference is that we link the variation selections to the normal WooCommerce attribute selection drop downs.
By linking them in this way, all inventory controls will use the same behavior as if swatches were not enabled. This also uses
all core WooCommerce functions to reset the product image and variation selections. This will provide better compatibility with 3rd party
plugins which modify how images are displayed.

2015.10.15 – version 1.7.1
* Fix: Remove action element from variable form to prevent issues with caching on WP Engine servers.
* Fix: Correctly render the swatch thumbnmail when adding new product attributes to a product attribute taxonomy.

2015.09.21 – version 1.7.0
* Fix: Fixes issues when upgrading to WC 2.4x and having default variation attributes selected.

2015.08.25 – version 1.6.9
* Fix: Fixes compatibility issue with WC 2.4x and default variation selections.

2015.07.24 – version 1.6.8
* Fix: Fixes an issue with mismatched version numbers between change log and plugin.

2015.07.16 – version 1.6.7
* WooCommerce 2.4.x compatibility.

2015.03.27 – version 1.6.6
* Fix: Correct handling of variations which are out of stock.
* Fix: Undefined variable warning.

2015.02.12 – version 1.6.5
* Fix: When using a variation with specific variations and an any variation configuration, update behavior to follow WooCommerce.
The Any variation configuration should be the last item in the list rather than the first.

2015.01.28 – version 1.6.4
* Fix for showing taxonomy attributes in the drop down when the only attributes are attached to private or
protected products.

2015.01.27 – version 1.6.3
* Admin CSS updates for WooCommerce >= 2.3.0

2015.01.27 – version 1.6.2
* Added templates for various parts of the swatches output.
* input-picker.php for rendering a swatch
* input-select.php for rendering a default select box.
* table.php for rendering the wrapping table.

2015.01.27 – version 1.6.1
* Added actions before and after the select input.

2014.12.08 – version 1.6.0
* Fixes selecting the correct variation when clicking on the link from the cart page.

2014.12.04 – version 1.5.9
* Revert adding the variations class to the wrapper table.

2014.12.01 – version 1.5.8
* Fixes javascript error regarding setting the label text when attributes are numeric.
* Adds the variations class to the wrapping table to inherit WooCommerce CSS styles for labels.
* Adds in basic css for swatch labels.

2014.11.18 – version 1.5.7
* Updates to resolve issues with the label not being displayed when choosing variations.
* Updates to allow turning off Hard Crop on swatches image size in WooCommerce settings.

2014.11.17 – version 1.5.6
* Force variations to be visible in admin when managing stock and hide items from catalog is true.
* Display out of stock message when using stock management and no variations are available.

2014.10.29 – version 1.5.5
* Update for default selections. Fixes problem hashing a default empty value.
* Update to escape jquery selectors to prevent language issues.
* Admin update to fix color selectors to prevent language issues.

2014.10.20 – version 1.5.4
* Fix to allow updating the swatches and photos image size in the latest versions of WooCommerce.

2014.09.26 – version 1.5.3
* Fix swatches and variable subscriptions
* Default selection updates.

2014.09.16 – version 1.5.2
* Fixed default attribute selection.

2014.08.27 – version 1.5.1
* Fixed backwards compatibility issues with version 1.5.0 or less.

2014.08.21 – version 1.5.0
* Added support for XCache caching pluign.
* Added support for Arabic, chinese and japanese characters when used as values in product attribute variations.
* Fix to only bind JS when swatches are present.

2014.07.30 – version 1.4.9
* Updated support for WooCommerce Quick View.

2014.07.29 – version 1.4.8
* Check for the string, attribute, when looping though selections. Fixes issues where other frameworks ( MooTools ) adds additional
properties to newly constructed objects.

2014.05.16 – version 1.4.7
* Fix: Change logic in determining when variations are available from is_visible to is_purchasable.

2014.04.16 – version 1.4.6
* Add swatch image size back on the “Products” tab in WC 2.1x

2014.04.15 – version 1.4.5
* Hide reset link by default.
* Changed version on enqueued scripts to resolve any caching issues.

2014.04.09 – version 1.4.4
* Fix for drop downs and swatches when both have a default value.

2014.04.08 – version 1.4.3
* Reset label when Reset Selection is clicked.
* Only show reset label when variation options have been selected.

2014.03.25 – version 1.4.2
* Added wpml-confg file per WPML.
* Maybe unserialize options, per WPML.

2014.02.19 – version 1.4.1
* Added proper template overrides. Use woocommerce-swatches/single-product/variable.php to your theme to override the main swatches template.

2014.01.14 – version 1.4.0
* WooCommerce 2.1x Compatibility

2013.11.13 – version 1.3.5
* Fix: New label options were not being processed properly in all situations.

2013.10.21 – version 1.3.4
* New: Added optional labels above the selection area when using swatches. Configure this new setting
under the Layout field when editing a product’s swatch configuration.

2013.10.18 – version 1.3.3
* Update: remove double shash in enqueued assets.

2013.10.16 – version 1.3.2
* Update: Added clear selections button.

2013.08.21 – version 1.3.1
* Fix: Custom product attributes and default selections.

2013.07.24 – version 1.3.0
* Fix: Use $product->add_to_cart_url() on the variation form so WooCommerce adds the item to the cart

2013.06.18 – version 1.2.9
* Update: Default image size 32px if size is empty.

2013.06.11 – version 1.2.8
* Swatches and quick view compatibily

2013.05.20 – version 1.2.7
* Fixes
* The Swatches and Photos size is correctly registered from the settings screen.

2013.04.04 – version 1.2.6
* Fixes
* PHP 5.4 compatibility

2013.04.02 – version 1.2.5
* Fixes
* Sanitize title on all attribute names since 2.x

2013.03.22 – version 1.2.4
* Updates
* Properties of WC_Swatch_Term updated from protected to public
* Added the following filters to allow developers to customize properties of the swatches shown on the single-product page
* $href = apply_filters(‘woocommerce_swatches_get_swatch_href’, ‘#’, &$this); //Filters the href of the wrapping anchor tag.
* $anchor_class = apply_filters(‘woocommerce_swatches_get_swatch_anchor_css_class’, ‘swatch-anchor’, &$this); //Filter the class of the wrapping anchor tag.
* $image_class = apply_filters(‘woocommerce_swatches_get_swatch_image_css_class’, ‘swatch-img’, &$this); //Filter the class of the image itself.
* $image_alt = apply_filters(‘woocommerce_swatches_get_swatch_image_alt’, ‘thumbnail’, &$this); //Filter the alternate text of the image itself.
* Fixes
* Lowercase all attribute names since 2.x

2013.03.11 – version 1.2.2
* Minor update to resolve conflict with Advanced Custom Fields javascript

2013.03.08 – version 1.2.1
* Fixes problem with styles for thick box not being enqueued.

2013.02.12 – version 1.2
* WC 2.0 Support

2012.12.04 – version 1.1.2
* Swap title on wrapping link for image zoom compatibility

2012.12.04 – version 1.1.1
* New updater

2012.11.27 – version 1.1.0
*Modified variation form, and variation properties that are available in the script handler. Since we are now using the default WooCommerce show / hide variation code.

2012.11.21 – version 1.0.6
* Updated events which are triggered when variation is selected. Used to trigger gravity form total updates.

2012.10.01 – version 1.0.5
* Compatibility with zoom plugin and swatches and photos

2012.09.14 – version 1.0.4
* Fix to render woocommerce default select boxes when no pickers are enabled

2012.09.04 – version 1.0.3
* Added title and alt attributes to the main product image

2012.09.03 – version 1.0.2
* Removed console log
* wp_get_attachment_image_src so size works

2012.06.20 – version 1.0.1
* Fixed issue with permissions in media upload box from individual products.

2012.06.14 – version 1.0
* First Release