WooCommerce Waitlist 1.5.4 Extension

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WooCommerce Waitlist Extensions

WooCommerce Waitlist Extension

WooCommerce Waitlist Extension Version : 1.5.4

The WooCommerce Waitlist Extension allows your customers to sign up for email notifications when out-of-stock products become available.


Product Description

WooCommerce Waitlist 1.5.4 Extension

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Keep customers happy with back-in-stock notifications

Notify people when a product is available

WooCommerce Waitlist lets you track demand for out-of-stock and backordered items, ensuring your customers feel informed, and therefore more likely to buy.

Using this plugin, you can build a waiting list of people wanting the unavailable item, then notify customers automatically when products arrive.

Set up in seconds

It’s easy to install and will instantly start turning missed opportunities into future sales.

Customers register for an email alert to let them know when a product is back in stock, increasing the likelihood they’ll wait and shop with you instead of going to a competitor.

It makes people feel valued by your business, and allows you to replenish stock intelligently based on demand.

Key features

  • Notifies customers when they can purchase an item that is out-of-stock
  • Identifies ‘most wanted’ products to prioritize re-stocking
  • Plug-and-play functionality –  install, activate and go!

WooCommerce Waitlist product screenshot

Example of a Waitlist-enabled product listing

How it works

It takes seconds for customers to join a waiting list via a button on the product listing of your WooCommerce store.

As soon as you update stock numbers, everyone on the list gets an email with a link to the product, making it super-simple for them to buy.

WooCommerce Waitlist supports simple products, product variations and grouped products.

See who’s waiting for what

With WooCommerce Waitlist, shop managers can sort products by number of customers on their waiting list. This allows them to quickly prioritize which products to re-stock.

Shop managers can also view, manage and contact people on the waiting list for each product from the Edit Product screen through a custom metabox (left).

Extend and customize

The default setup is ‘plug and play’, but WooCommerce Waitlist adds a large number of WordPress action-and-filter hooks that customize to suit your needs.

  • Choose wording for notification emails
  • Tweak the design of ‘join waiting list’ buttons
  • Hook in extra functionality when users are added to a waiting list
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*** WooCommerce Waitlist Change Log ***

2017.05.09 – version 1.5.4
* Fix: email hook not firing

2017.05.02 – version 1.5.3
* Fix: adjusted frontend JS to reference the email input field properly to avoid users not being added when logged out in some cases
* Fix: removed check for parent variables when updating waitlist counts as counts were sometimes showing inaccurately
* Fix: fatal error when working with bundled products, currently not working with this extension

* Fix: added conditional checks to fix potential bug of product not found when deleting users
* Fix: changed selector to “this” on frontend JS for adding logged out users to waitlist after bug report

* Updated all hooks to use the same naming convention (prefix wcwl_)

* Fix: Added check for product object before loading waitlist for product

* Fix: Activation hooks not firing

2017.04.07 – version 1.5.2
* Fix: bug with upgrade process causing fatal error

2017.04.03 – version 1.5.1
* Fix: definitions not loading early enough for registration hooks
* fully updated and tested for woocommerce 3.0

* Fix: initial waitlist counts starting at 1

* Fix: waitlist not always saving for variable products on frontend
* Fix: compatibility for woocommerce filters
* Refactor of code for handling logged out users

* Added compatibility class to ensure compatibility with WooCommerce
* Refactor of main plugin class
* Refactor frontend class

* Fixed: waitlist count sortable columns not showing all products
* Fixed: shortcode not working for variations
* Fixed: waitlist column not reliably sorting by amount of users on waitlist
* Added postmeta for waitlist count for all products to reliably store amount of users on waitlist
* Added function to update postmeta for waitlist counts if they don’t exist
* Added functionality for variable and grouped products to reliably store a count for child waitlists

* Added “date added” postmeta for when users are added to waitlist
* Fixed issues with new date added field conflicting with older waitlist versions
* Adjusted and re-styled product tab table

* CSS tweak, changed waitlist icon on product edit screen
* Added product ID to email template

2017.02.02 – version 1.5.0
* Added support for WC Subscriptions
* Fixed bug where simple subscriptions were not showing email field for logged out users
* Fixed bug where mailouts were not triggered for variable subscriptions

* Fixed bug where users were added across multiple inputs on admin waitlists
* Added email validation in admin

* Fixed archiving – now each user is archived once an email is sent
* Adjusted archives to record per day rather than time, all records for each day are now collated

2017.01.27 – version 1.4.14
* Fixed bug where archiving wasn’t working for new installs as options weren’t loading in by default

2016.04.18 – version 1.4.13
* Fixed bug where user accounts were created but user wasn’t always sent a password
* Fixed bug where archiving waitlists wasn’t switched on by default
* Fixed bug that caused users to be added/removed from waitlist on page refresh in the frontend
* Fixed bug that prevented waitlists from being shown when product was in stock but waitlist still had users
* Adjusted hooks for mailouts when products come back in stock – now triggered when stock status/level changes
* Fixed bug that prevented API stock changes to send required mailouts

2016.04.14 – version 1.4.12
* Fixed bug with variable product upsells triggering error
* Fixed bug with join waitlist button not working on some variable products

2016.04.12 – version 1.4.11
* Fixed bug where product object was not verified before being used on the frontend

2016.03.14 – version 1.4.10
* Adjusted the way stock status was stored for variable products
* Fixed JS error for grouped product waitlist data not allowing users to be added
* Fixed bug with add to cart button displaying when it shouldn’t
* Adjusted when to display waitlists on the product page; now show when product is out of stock or if a user is present on the waitlist

2016.03.01 – version 1.4.9
* Fixed javascript bug preventing variable products from being added to cart

2016.03.01 – version 1.4.8
* Fixed email address bug preventing logged out users from joining a waitlist

2016.02.25 – version 1.4.7
* Fixed wcwl_data undefined bug causing variable products and other javascript based extensions to fail

2016.02.17 – version 1.4.6
* Fixed bug with JS adding user email multiple times to query string on front end

2015.11.23 – version 1.4.5
* Updated translation template (.pot)

2015.10.21 – version 1.4.4
* Updated docblock
* Removed debugging code on edit product screen

2015.10.21 – version 1.4.3
* Fixed bug where waitlists weren’t showing on product edit screen when persistent waitlists were enabled
* Added notification text to product edit screen when persistent waitlists are enabled

2015.10.18 – version 1.4.2
* Fixed update bug for variations, isolates waitlist update only to product save

2015.10.14 – version 1.4.1
* Fixed version numbers

2015.10.12 – version 1.4.0
* Added new feature – Waitlist Archives for recording a history of mailed out waitlists

2015.09.18 – version 1.3.13
* Fixed bug with mailouts not working when updating stock when using WC 2.4

2015.08.12 – version 1.3.12
* Fixed bug with updating waitlists for variables when using WooCommerce 2.4

2015.07.08 – version 1.3.11
* filtered text on “new account” tab of woocommerce email settings with gettext

2015.07.08 – version 1.3.10
* removed meta-box and instead added a waitlist tab to the product data panel on product edit pages
* added readme

2015.05.25 – version 1.3.9
* changed Admin UI to show the waitlist meta-box if there are any users on the waitlist, rather than if the product is out of stock

2015.05.25 – version 1.3.8
* fixed settings bug, settings now being updated correctly
* updated translation functions
* fixed frontend button bug, now outputting same button type if user is logged in or not

2015.04.21 – version 1.3.7
* Fix – Potential XSS with add_query_arg

2015.01.11 – version 1.3.6
* added notice and deactivated plugin if WooCommerce is not at least version 2.0
* removed functionality for WooCommerce versions less than 2.0
* updated settings functions for woocommerce v2.3.0

2014.12.19 – version 1.3.5
* fix “Email Address” hard coded string

2014.12.01 – version 1.3.4
* Fixed bug where deleting users triggered a PHP error
* Fixed bug causing php notice when updating with quick edit

2014.11.26 – version 1.3.3
* WordPress 4.0.1 compatability
* Fixed bug removing users from waitlist when ‘enable stock management’ was ticked on certain products (related to quickedit bug)
* Refactored and annotated all functions
* Fixed ‘woocommerce_my_waitlist’ shortcode so it can be displayed on any page
* Fixed bug with mailouts not sending when product was updated using quick edit

2014.11.19 – version 1.3.2
* fix “Join Waitlist” hard coded string

2014.09.11 – version 1.3.1
* fix version number, causing endless update loop

2014.09.05 – version 1.3.0
* WordPress 4.0 compatability
* WooCommerce 2.2 compatability
* Added support for non-registered and logged out users to join waitlists
* Added support for Admin to add users to waitlist from product page
* Added support for users to be removed from waitlists when they are deleted from wordpress
* Added frontend fixes for variable and grouped products and css and jquery

2014.03.03 – version 1.2.0
* Added support for WC_Mail templates
* Added support for Bulk Stock Management
* Fixed ‘call to member function on non-object’ notice in Frontend_UI notice

2014.02.25 – version 1.1.8
* Added filterable version of automatic mailout control

2014.02.24 – version 1.1.7
* Fix deprecated call to WooCommerce->add_message
* Fix broken link to Inventory Settings after 2.1 change

2014.02.18 – version 1.1.6
* Fix in security issue in wp-admin

2013.11.06 – version 1.1.5
* [woocommerce_my_waitlist] only displays for logged in users
* [woocommerce_my_waitlist] not dependent on WP numberposts setting

2013.10.31 – version 1.1.4
* Patch fixed the error with 1.1.3 – no closures in PHP 5.2 dummy! Happy Halloween everyone

2013.10.29 – version 1.1.3
* Added a beta shortcode to display a user waitlist using [woocommerce_my_waitlist]

2013.02.21 – version 1.1.2
* Fixed a bug that prevented in-stock variable products from being added directly after an out-of-stock variation was clicked

2013.02.21 – version 1.1.1
* Added filterable version of persistent waitlist support

2013.01.24 – version 1.1.0
* Added support for waitlists on product variations
* Added control to auto waitlist creation to allow it to be turned off
* Added dismissable admin nag alerting shop managers to turn off ‘Hide out of stock products’ setting
* Replace WCWL_HOOK_PREFIX constant with greppable string
* Added correct plugin URI to plugin meta
* Improved WC 2.0 compat
* Improved PHPDocs

2012.01.04 – version 1.0.4
* WC 2.0 compat
* Added several missing translatable strings
* Improved efficiency on activaton task that was causing memory issues on stores with many products
* Re-instated WCWL_SLUG

2012.12.04 – version 1.0.3
* New updater

2012.12.03 – version 1.0.2
* Fixed a bug that caused the mailto: value to be empty when emailing all users on a waitilist
* Removed some debugging output that hadn’t been cleaned up properly!
* Removed WCWL_SLUG for codestyling localisation
* WC future compat
* Login URL switch to my account page

2012.11.08 – version 1.0.1
* Fixed a bug that caused only products with an existing waitlist to be displayed when sorting by waitlist
* Fixed a bug that caused no products to be displayed when sorting by waitlist on some installs
* Refined waitlist custom column display to be more coherent with existing Admin UI
* Added cleanup on uninstall

2012.10.01 – version 1.0
* First Release