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WooCommerce Wishlists Extensions

WooCommerce Wishlists Extension

WooCommerce Wishlists Extension Version : 2.0.1

The Wishlists extension for WooCommerce allows allows guests and customers to create and add products to an unlimited number of Wishlists.


Product Description

WooCommerce Wishlists 2.0.1 Extension

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WooCommerce Wishlists

WooCommerce Wishlists allows guests and customers to create and add products to an unlimited number of Wishlists. From birthdays to weddings and everything in between, WooCommerce Wishlists are a welcome addition to any WooCommerce store.

Increase Sales and Conversions by having a WooCommerce Wishlist

Studies have shown that allowing your customers to save and manage their own Wishlist can increase your sales and conversions. What better way to encourage customers to return to your site than allowing them to save items for later, or create their own dream list of products for that special occasion? In addition, allowing your customers to share their lists with friends and family through various social media networks truly opens the doors to potential new customers and visitors.

Key Features

WooCommerce Wishlists is an incredibly powerful extension with many unique and useful features available.

  • Allow Guest customers to create their own Wishlists which will be stored for a maximum of 30 days or until they clear their cookies.
  • Allow Registered customers to create Wishlists and store them indefinitely.
  • Unlimited numbers of Wishlists can be created by customers. Whether it is one list for that special occasion, or a few personal lists and a few shared lists, the possibilities are endless.
  • Full privacy control over lists. Customers can assign their Wishlists as public (anyone can search and find their list), shared (only someone with the unique URL can view), or private (only they can view it).
  • Social media sharing. Guests and Users alike are able to share their public or shared lists through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even Email with a custom email message.
  • Full support for grouped products, product variations, and of course, simple products. WooCommerce Wishlists also supports products using the Product Add-ons extension and theGravity Forms Add-on exstension.
  • While browsing products in your shop, customers will be notified if the item already exists in one of their Wishlists and will be told which one/s.
  • From the single product screen, customers are able to add a product to an existing list, or create a new list for the product.
  • The “Add to Wishlist” text is fully customizable and can be changed from a buttton, to link text with a star or present icon. For the designers out there, you could even create and add your own icon.
  • A custom WooCommerce settings tab to adjust many of the core functions.
  • A robust admin section to view and manage created wishlists.
  • Since WooCommerce Wishlists generates specific pages, there is extremely easy integration with WordPress Menus so you can add a link to any menu your theme supports!
  • Managing a Wishlist has never been easier. Numerous Bulk Actions are available to easily: Add multiple or all items to the cart, delete one or multiple items in an instant, update quantities for one or multiple items, and even move one or multiple items easily to another list or to a brand new list.

Easily Customizable

Front-end Wishlist Settings for your shop customers.
Front-end Wishlist Settings for your shop customers.

Easily edit and adjust core settings through Wishlist’s own custom WooCommerce settings tab. Whether it is customizing a message, button appearance and colors; to allowing sharing of Wishlists through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email, WooCommerce Wishlists has you covered.

WooCommerce Wishlists will inherit your current themes styles for buttons and other elements, but if you’re a designer or developer wanting to make some magic happen, it’s easily done! You can effortlessly add any custom CSS you would like to adjust WooCommerce Wishlists appearance to match your custom theme or design.

Admin views for Shop Managers

As a shop manager, you might sometimes want to monitor Wishlists that have been created to get an idea of what your customers are really wanting. From the administration screen, you can view and sort Wishlists from a variety of options, and even edit Wishlists directly from the backend.

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*** WooCommerce Wishlist Changelog ***
2017.04.01 – version 2.0.1
* Update: Fix issue with lists created with pre-release versions of WC 3.0 causing fatal unserialize errors due to the data store having been serialized improperly.

2017.03.04 – version 2.0.0
* Update: WC 2.7 Ready
* Update: Better styling for the admin interface when reviewing a list.
* Update: When lists are marked private from the WordPress dashboard, check the current users read capabilities.
* Update: More sanitization on user input

2016.12.02 – version 1.11.3
* Update: Include support for Deposits. Products added to a list with a deposit configuration can then be added to the cart with the same configuration.

2016.11.29 – version 1.11.2
* Fix: Correctly assign the user to a automatically created list when a user is logged on and does not yet have any wish lists. Ref: #25
* Fix: Fix incorrect variable name $wishlist to $wishlist_id in API functions. Ref: #22
* Fix: Fix share via email button when lists rendered on the My Account page. Ref: #24

2016.06.15 – version 1.11.1
* Fix: Correct issue where the Add to Wishlist Button is hidden.

2016.04.29 – version 1.11.0
* Note: Compatible against WC 2.6
* Update: Update to allow validation to pass even when catalog visibility has disabled it.
* Update: Use new catalog visibility options action to render the buttons in the correct location for variable products.
* Update: We no longer need to move the wishlist button via javascript to be inside the variation form.
* Fix: Prevent duplicate notices from being added via wc_add_notice for session items when viewing pages which do not call wc_print_notices.

2016.04.14 – version 1.10.5
* Fix: Only set the wc_wishlist_user cookie when an item is added to a list or when a new list is created.
* Fix: Fix warning about unknown variable when creating a new list.
* Update: WP 4.5 updates for get_currentuser

2016.04.13 – version 1.10.4
* Fix: Correct issue where multiple add to wishlist buttons present when using variable products with the product_page shortcode.
* Update: Add message and redirect upon verification of users Wishlist email.
* Update: Updated ReadMe to reference correct plugin
* Update: Fixes spelling error in the settings panel.
* Update: Fixes not translatable default ‘Add to wishlist’ label

2016.03.31 – version 1.10.3
* Fix: Correct issue with registration returning a blank page when registering for an account on the my account page.

2016.03.02 – version 1.10.2
* New: Added support for Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) by BestWebSoft.

2016.01.27 – version 1.10.1
* Fix: Correct reference to $post->id in post_link filter.
* Update: Adds “Registration Required” to the “Allow Guest to Create Lists” option. This will allow guests to see and use the “Add to Wishlist” button,
but if Registration Required is selected they will be redirected to the Logon / Register form before they can actually add the item to a list.

2015.12.16 – version 1.10.0
* WC 2.5 Updates:
WC 2.5 no longer hides the variation add to cart button.
Add javascript to enable / disable the add to wishlist button when a valid variation has not been selected.

2015.11.30 – version 1.9.6
* Update: Remove the bulk add to cart options if Catalog Visibility extension is active. This prevents users from adding products to the cart
which are not actually purchasable by that user.

2015.09.15 – version 1.9.5
* Update: Redirect back to the product after creating a list if the redirect to wishlist setting is false.

2015.09.15 – version 1.9.4
* Fix: Correct problem introduced in 1.9.2 when the cart_item[‘data’] was removed. This update
adds the [data] back on the item to allow extensions such as Product Addons to work properly.
The data is removed from the wishlist_item before being saved to the DB.

2015.09.02 – version 1.9.3
* Update: Remove default view button and permalink div from the WordPress dashboard when working with Wishlists.
A custom meta box on the top of the sidebar allows for viewing or previewing the list.
* Update: Set the View url to the proper location.

2015.08.25 – version 1.9.2
* Update: Don’t store serialized product data with the wishlist items.
* Update: Remove add to wishlist button in WP 4.3+

2015.07.30 – version 1.9.1
* New: Adds a Update Quantities and Add to Cart option for bulk actions when working with your own lists.

2015.07.13 – version 1.9.0
* WooCommerce 2.4.x compatibility.

* New Feature: Provide a setting to disable automatic creation of lists. The default is to allow Wishlists to automatically generate
a list for a user when they click add to wishlist and have not already created one. The new option “Automatically Create Lists”
can be used to toggle this behavior.

* New Feature: Added email validation for emails on lists. Validation required for guest lists or for lists by users who enter an email
Which is different from their registered email. Validation will only occur on lists created after version 2.9.0

2015.07.06 – version 1.8.5
* Update: Correct double period typo in autogenerated message.

2015.06.26 – version 1.8.4
* Update: Correctly link wishlists from guests when they register a for a new account.

2015.06.17 – version 1.8.3
* Fix: Fix incorrectly escaped URLs from the 1.7.3 update.

2015.06.08 – version 1.8.2
* Update: Add filter to allow showing lists before or after the recent orders section on the My Account page.
woocommerce_wishlists_account_location: Return either ‘before’ or ‘after’ from this filter. Default ‘after’

2015.06.02 – version 1.8.1
* Update: Remove wishlists_recently_modified session handling code, since it was just adding overhead in the database and not being used in the
user interface.
* Update: Add display:none; to the wishlist modal on load, rather than relying on javascript to hide it. Prevents problems with sites with many scripts
showing the modal for a brief flash

2015.05.01 – version 1.8.0
* Feature:
– Added price reduction notifications. When an item on a users wishlist is reduced in price an email notification will be sent alerting them of the change.
– Notifications can be disabled globally from the administration section of WooCommerce or by users on their individual lists.
– Notifications are disabled for a site by default. Change this option from WooCommerce -> Settings -> Wishlists -> Notifications section.
* Feature:
– Added ability to assign or re-assign a user to a list from the Wishlist posts screen. WooCommerce -> Wishlists -> Edit List -> Name and Information Meta Box
– You can use this feature to create a list from the site and then assign a specific user from your customer base.
* Update: Remove Add Wishlist button from the WordPress dashboard since this isn’t a supported operation.
* Update: Simplify the cookie handling code.
* Update: Fix a compatibility issue with the Storefront CSS. Storefront was overriding the selected Wishlist button image.

2015.04.28 – version 1.7.4
* Remove all references to WooCommerce session in the shortcodes, since the wishlist key is stored in a unique cookie.

2015.04.21 – version 1.7.3
* Fix – Potential XSS with add_query_arg

2015.04.03 – version 1.7.2
* Fix: Set required attributed on the name field for a wishlist and check it’s set before creating the list.

2015.03.24 – version 1.7.1
* Fix: Remove the add to cart action properly in WC 2.3x

2015.03.16 – version 1.7.0
* Update: Added a new filter for setting the cookie duration. wc_wishlists_cookie_duration
* Update: Changed the .modal class used to .wl-modal to prevent conflicts with themes using Bootstrap

2015.02.10 – version 1.6.9
* Only start the WooCommerce session when a list is created or when any of the wishlist shortcodes are activated.

2015.02.06 – version 1.6.8
* Added wishlist id to the add_to_wishlist_redirect_url filter.

2015.02.04 – version 1.6.7
* Update admin wishlist search to include title and content.
* Fix: Do not automatically remove items from a list unless selected in WooCommerce -> Wishlist settings

2015.01.28 – version 1.6.6
* Update to correct problem showing post updated status in the admin.

2015.01.15 – version 1.6.5
* Update for Product Bundles to correctly place the add to wishlist buttons.
* Update for Product Bundles to correctly submit the item to the wishlist.

2014.12.17 – version 1.6.4
* Update: Force WooCommerce to actually start a customer session when the site loads.

2014.12.09 – version 1.6.3
* Update: Update support for the latest version of composite products. Some of the class names in the template files changed and the
wishlist javascript needed to be updated to account for this.

2014.12.04 – version 1.6.2
* Automatically create a list without requiring the user to enter a the list details.

2014.12.01 – version 1.6.1
* Fixes problems with receiving 404 errors after adding an item to a list.

2014.11.24 – version 1.6.0
* Added support for WooCommerce Quick View
* Fixed issue with automatically removing items from a list once certain processing status had been met.

2014.11.17 – version 1.5.4
* Disable purchases from lists when catalog visibility does not allow it by adding the woocommerce_wishlist_user_can_purcahse filter
check before adding items to the cart.

2014.11.05 – version 1.5.3
* Added full name search in admin wishlist search, will split a full name and search on the fields for each term.
* Update WHERE filter in admin search to prevent the global wp_query object from being overwritten.
* Correct filter logic in Admin Dashbaord.
* 4.0 deprecated function removal, escape_like

2014.10.31 – version 1.5.2
* Remove quantity inputs from external products.

2014.10.30 – version 1.5.1
* Added checks around search modification code to make sure the filter was called correctly.
* Additional compatibility for catalog visibility options.

2014.08.13 – version 1.5.0
* 2.2x compatibility

2014.07.22 – version 1.4.9
* Added support for external / affiliate products
* Fixed issue where items where not being sent to a new list when clicking on the “New List” button
* Modified session uses to use the WC session classes

2014.05.28 – version 1.4.8
* Added logic to disallow the adding items to the cart when items are sold individually and are already in the cart.
* Changed the registration order of the taxonomy to be earlier than the API handler.

2014.05.12 – version 1.4.7
* Updated search logic to use LIKE operators for better matching.

2014.04.20 – version 1.4.6
* Added filter which controls the number of items shown per page.
$items_per_page: The number of lists to display per page.

2014.04.02 – version 1.4.5
* Added filters to the wishlist display templates to allow additional filtering of the item title, price and quantity selectors.
$price: The price to be displayed.
$item: The wishlist item
$wishlist: The wishlist

$quantity: The quantity of the item in the wishlist.
$item: The wishlist item
$wishlist: The wishlist

* Added action, woocommerce_wishlist_after_list_item_name, after the Wishlist item name.
$item: The wishlist item. Same data as a $cart_item would contain.
$wishlist: The wishlist the item is in.

* Update for Composite Products and Variable Components.
* Update for Composite Products – Added actions and filters to the Wishlist admin section.

2014.03.27 – version 1.4.4
* Fix: Only add nonce validation errors when not in admin.
* Updated Search Logic to include Wishlist Name field in search.
* Changes Per WPML
* Added wpml-config.xml file.
* Added wc_wishlists_get_page_id to filter wishlist page ids.
* Addded compatibility class which uses new filter.

2014.02.26 – version 1.4.3
* Allow simple and variable products that are out of stock to be added to a wishlist.

2014.02.13 – version 1.4.2
* Fixed bug when editing lists sharing status from the Edit My Lists page.

2014.01.09 – version 1.4.1
* Addded compatibility with WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options. Users can add products they can not purchase to a WishList.

2014.01.07 – version 1.4.0
* 2.1 Compatibility
* Modified template loader for compatibility.
* Modified template loader to include woocommerce variable.
* Changed add_notice and add_error to use compatibility methods.
* Changed error_count to use compatibility methods
* Added compatibility with some new filters called in the standard cart template inside the View a List and Edit a List screens.
* Modified the API to use $_REQUEST for some variables which used to be $_GET
* Modified the variable add to cart handling to use new 2.1 methods for variations when 2.1x is available.

2013.12.21 – version 1.3.6
* Filter from address when sending emails so it uses the same setting as WooCommerce.

2013.11.29 – version 1.3.5
* Added option to get_wishlist_sharing to return localized version.
* Localize default Are you sure? text in javascript
* Change delete confirmation to use localized message.
* Fix localization logic in the find a list page.

2013.11.27 – version 1.3.4
* Update to allow the add all items to cart button to be used from the edit list screen.

2013.11.21 – version 1.3.3
* Translate the default Wishlist title for new lists.
* Use the filtered title from, wc_wishlists_create_list_args, when creating new lists.
* Text domain corrections. Correct text domain is wc_wishlist.

2013.11.14 – version 1.3.2
* Fix: When adding an item to the cart from the edit list screen, stay on the edit list screen.
* Update: Modify the filter call to woocommerce_add_cart_item_data to add the variation_id argument.

2013.11.12 – version 1.3.1
* New: When items are added from a wishlist to the cart, the title of the wishlist is shown on the cart and orders.
* New: New options in the Wishlist settings to automatically remove items from a list.
– Items will only be removed from a wishlist if the wishlist owner is the customer who added the item to the cart from the list.
– Items will be removed, or have the list quantity deducted by the actual amount the customer ordered.
– You can choose which order status you would like to have the items removed at. The default is “completed”.

2013.11.06 – version 1.3.0
* New: Status and sharing filters on wishlist admin screen.
* New: Admin search now includes the First Name, Last Name and Email Address fields.
* New: Show account on dashboard when list is associated to a user.

2013.10.31 – version 1.2.10
* Remove session start

2013.08.28 – version 1.2.9
* Fixed update key

2013.08.28 – version 1.2.8
* Update: Modified variable product handler to add the nice name of a custom attribute to the list
rather than the slug.

2013.08.21 – version 1.2.7
* Fix: Add to cart when viewing someone elses shared list.
* Update: Change from woocommerce_in_cart_product_title to woocommerce_in_wishlist_product_title.
* Update: Modified facebook share link to use FB’s new format and a modal popup.

2013.08.20 – version 1.2.6
* Update: Added two more localization strings

2013.08.15 – version 1.2.5
* Update: external products are not supported. Add to wishlist button removed from the single product page.

2013.08.13 – version 1.2.4
* Fix: Support multiple email recipients in the share via email form.
* Fix: Clear up a notice when adding an item to the wishlist.

2013.08.03 – version 1.2.3
* Update: Added missing localization strings
* Update: Change from woocommerce_in_cart_product_title to woocommerce_in_wishlist_product_title

2013.07.16 – version 1.2.2
* Update: Clean up older javascript.
* Update: Javascript to check for length of bundles or variations before attempting to move the wishlist wrapper.

2013.07.11 – version 1.2.1
* Update: Compatibility with product bundles when variable products are in the bundle.
* Update: Use wc_print_messages for latest version of WooCommerce

2013.06.23 – version 1.2.0
* Update: Moved menu position below core woocommerce items.

2013.06.17 – version 1.1.9
* Update: Moved email modal template to footer to prevent z-index issues.

2013.06.13 – version 1.1.8
* Fix: Check if date is present on list item before attempting to sort.

2013.05.30 – version 1.1.7
* Fix: Incorrect redirect when navigate directly to the Edit List page without selecting a list first.

2013.05.29 – version 1.1.6
* Update: More fixes for the email button and third party themes that are capturing the click event and stopping it.

2013.05.23 – version 1.1.5
* Update: Change selector on the email modal to be compatible with some third party themes that break it.

2013.05.22 – version 1.1.4
* Update: Use closest form to the add to wishlist rather than form.cart.
This is because some theme authors remove the cart class from the main product form.

2013.05.07 – version 1.1.3
* Update: Loaded text domain wc_wishlist and created empty lang folder.

2013.05.01 – version 1.1.2
* Fixes sharing problems for unauthenticated users.

2013.04.10 – version 1.1.1
* Modified add-to-wishlist popup to allow it to work when used inside another modal window.
* Fixed send email button code

2013.04.06 – version 1.1.0
* Check for post before processing templates

2013.04.02 – version 1.0.1
*Remove call by reference in item collection class.

2013.03.22 – version 1.0
*Initial Release