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WooSlider WordPress Plugin

WooSlider WordPress Plugin Version : 2.4.0

WooSlider is a very popular slideshow plugin for WordPress featuring various sliders, shortcodes, widgets and template tags.


Product Description

WooSlider 2.4.0 WordPress Plugin

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WooSlider comes with various settings to control every aspect of your slideshow, including transitions, directions, sliding speeds and pagination controls.

Slider Types

Choose from various content types to build and manage your sliders.

Content Layouts

Slide overlays and layouts give you complete control how you display your content.

Slider Settings

WooSlider comes with various settings to control every aspect of your slide show.

Minimal Style

WooSlider comes with minimal styling & CSS, making it easy to customize.



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*** WooSlider Changelog ***

2016.08.05 – version 2.4.0
* Tweak – Fixes overflow for slideshows and big height images not allowing selection of content below the slider.
* Fix – Fixes settings navigation tabs not loading section correctly.
* Fix – nonce typo fixed.

2015.11.11 – version 2.3.0
* Tweak – Ensures the necessary JavaScripts load only if slideshows are present on the current screen.
* New – Add option to choose the content type for your slides when selecting a slider type of Posts
* Update – Updated to use the latest version of FlexSlider, 2.6.0, various under the hood fixes and improvements.

2015.06.23 – version 2.2.2
* Tweak – modifies how the image size choice works so that all registered image sizes are shown as an option.

2015.06.12 – version 2.2.1
* Update – Updated to use the latest version of FlexSlider, 2.5.0, various under the hood fixes and improvements.

2015.02.27 – version 2.2.0
* Update – Updated to use the latest version of FlexSlider, 2.4.0, various fixes and improvements.

2014.07.31 – version 2.1.0
* Fix – Fix issue with PHP noticed being shown when adding a slider via the Add Media screen.

* Fix – Fix ‘Undefined Property’ PHP notice.

* Tweak – Update to FitVids to latest version – 1.1

* Tweak – Use CSS instead of JavaScript animations.

* New – Add option to display captions on attachments slider.

* Tweak – Add tweak to dynamically hide Slide options that cannot be used together.

* New – Add option to remove sticky posts from displaying in the Posts slider.

* New – Add option to select the image size in the Slides slider.

* New – Add option to select the number of visible images in a carousel slider.

* Fix – Fix mousewheel issue where the area bellow a slider with different slide heights would still repond to the event.

2014.01.28 – version 2.0.2
* New – Add ‘display_title’ parameter to Posts slider

* New – Add “has-featured-image” class to slides that have one.

* Fix – Fix empty link tags in slides

* New – Add falback to slides with no featured image in the image slider, they now default to the content only slide layout

* New – Add support for shortcodes to the Slides slider content.

* New – Added filters on content output

* Fix – Fix issue with initial slider height

* Fix – Fix issue with oembed data being modified on all videos, now applied only to videos in ‘slide’ post type

* Fix – Fix issue with videos not being properly discovered by provider APIs on first page load

2013.12.19 – version 2.0.1
* New – Add order settings for Slides post type by date or menu order

* Fix – Slide URL not saving

* Fix – Incorrect callback API variables

* Fix – Removed extra quote causing validation issue

* Fix – Multiple slide pages not working in a Slides type slider

* Fix – IDs with capital letters and spaces causing errors

* Tweak – Rename ‘wooslidercontent’ to ‘data-wooslidercontent’ for HTML5 validation

2013.09.09 – version 2.0.0
* /classes/class-wooslider-admin.php – Change thumbnail option from checkbox to select. generate_default_conditional_fields() now uses a filter instead of looking for internal methods.
* /classes/class-wooslider-fontend.php – add callbacks, add support for carousel.
* /classes/class-wooslider-sliders.php – add render_carousel function, handle carousel option.
* /classes/class-wooslider-posttypes.php – Adds logic to handle the “Slide URL” meta box.
* /classes/class-wooslider-settings-api.php – Adds support for settings screen tabs, to be used in future versions of WooSlider.
* /inc/wooslider-template.php – Add html output for carousel.
* /assets/js/jquery.fitvids.js – ADDED.

2013.02.01 – version 1.0.9
* /inc/woo-functions.php – Added is_woocommerce_active
* /inc/class-wc-dependencies.php – Added to detect WooCommerce

2012.12.06 – version 1.0.7
* /assets/js/jquery.flexslider.js – Introduce non-minified version of FlexSlider, for debugging in SCRIPT_DEBUG mode.
* /assets/js/jquery.flexslider.min.js – Upgrade to the latest version of FlexSlider. RENAMED from “-min” to “.min” in accordance with the WordPress script file naming convention.
* /assets/js/shortcode-creator.js – Code standards optimisations.
* /assets/js/jquery.mousewheel.js,
* /assets/js/jquery.mousewheel.min.js – Introduce jQuery Mousewheel script, for use with the “mousewheel” parameter.
* /assets/css/style.css – Adds basic resets for slides, images within slides and control navigation for better theme compatibility.
* /classes/class-wooslider-sliders.php – Adds orderby and order arguments for attachment based sliders, default to menu_order to support drag/drop ordering of attachment slides. Pass settings through when retrieving slides. For future use and enhancements.
* /classes/class-wooslider-admin.php – Introduces “id” parameter, to assign a specific ID value to a slideshow. Adds minified version of the script, as well as SCRIPT_DEBUG logic. Introduce FlexSlider “sync” parameter.
* /classes/class-wooslider-frontend.php – Adjusts slideshow JavaScript generation to account for new custom “id” field. Introduce FlexSlider “sync” parameter.
* /classes/class-wooslider-updater.php – REMOVED
* /classes/class-wooslider.php – Removes logic for loading the previous plugin updater code.
* /inc/wooslider-template.php – Adds support for the new custom “id” field.
* /inc/woo-functions.php – Introduces functionality for integration with the “WooThemes Updater” plugin.
* wooslider.php – Integrate with the “WooThemes Updater” plugin.

2012.11.08 – version 1.0.6
* /assets/css/global.css – Adjust CSS for the admin menu icon for WordPress 3.5-beta compatibility.
* /classes/class-wooslider-settings.php – Add setting to control “touch” parameter.
* /classes/class-wooslider-admin.php – Update version number on “global.css’ enqueue. Fix and update the “shortcode-creator” script enqueue. Load “shortcode-creator” JavaScript in the header instead of the footer.
* /classes/class-wooslider-posttypes.php – Change image dimensions in admin columns to include height value. Fixes “undefined offset” notice.
* /classes/class-wooslider-sliders.php – Remove get_the_ID() from the call to get_the_excerpt() when rendering “posts” slideshows. Fixes “undefined index” on “thumbnails” when rendering “posts” slideshows.
* /classes/class-wooslider-frontend.php – Load slideshow JavaScript directly in “wp_footer” instead of using a transient to load via a separate URL. Removed “trigger_javascript_generator()” method, as no longer used. Added logic for outputting “touch” parameter in generated JavaScript.
* /inc/wooslider-template.php – Don’t display the slideshow markup if there are no slides rendered. Add the ability to use do_action( ‘wooslider’ ) to display a slideshow instead of using the template tag.
* /assets/js/tabs-navigation.js – Compatibilty with jQuery 1.8.2 in WordPress 3.5 beta.

2012.09.03 – version 1.0.5
* /assets/css/flexslider.css – Make sure “.carousel” and the general clearfix styles are prefixed with “.wooslider”. Add missing browser-prefixed box-shadow properties to “.wooslider”.
* /classes/class-wooslider-admin.php – Adjust logic for the popup’s JavaScript and conditional fields loading, to fix issue when Network Activated on a WordPress MultiSite Network.
* /classes/class-wooslider-sliders.php – Make sure the thumbnails generate correctly for the “Attached Images Slideshow” widget. Wrap $slides in the “wooslider_get_slides” filter, passing through $slides, $type and $args. Link the post thumbnail to the post if the “link title to it’s post” option is enabled in the “posts” slideshow type. Add basic support for the shortcode to the “slides” slideshow type.
* /widgets/widget-wooslider-slides.php – Make sure the “Slide Groups” functionality works correctly in the “Slides Slideshow” widget.
* /widgets/widget-wooslider-attachments.php – Make sure $instance keys are unset correctly if added to $extra_args, to prevent them being added to $settings as well.
* /inc/wooslider-template.php – Minor refinements and updates to the “[wooslider]” shortcode.
* /lang/wooslider-en_GB.po – Rescan language translation file.
* /lang/wooslider-xx_XX.pot – Rescan language translation file.

2012.08.22 – version 1.0.4
* /classes/class-wooslider-settings.php – Added contextual help for each WooSlider administration screen. Made sure that contextual help displays only where necessary within the WordPress admin. Specifiy “settings_version” as the WooSlider version.
* /classes/class-wooslider-settings-api.php – Add support for the “settings_version” property, to be displayed next to the title of the settings screen.
* /classes/class-wooslider-frontend.php – Fixed logic around the generation of the JavaScript for the boolean settings. Fixes issue of navigation not being able to be disabled. Add get_theme() method.
* /classes/class-wooslider-admin.php – Add support and markup in the popup for the “theme” field.
* /classes/class-wooslider-utils.php – Add get_slider_themes() method.
* /classes/class-wooslider-posttypes.php – Make “slide-page” taxonomy non-hierarchical. Hide “Popular” section above the “Add Slide Group” form in the WordPress admin. Remove unused “remove_wooframework_metabox()” method.
* /inc/wooslider-template.php – Add support for the “theme” field in the output function, using the get_theme() method in the frontend class.
* /widgets/widget-wooslider-base.php – Add support for theme selection, if multiple themes are available. Make sure settings aren’t overridden if the “Customise Advanced Settings” checkbox isn’t checked.
* /widgets/widget-wooslider-attachments.php – Make sure settings aren’t overridden if the “Customise Advanced Settings” checkbox isn’t checked.
* /widgets/widget-wooslider-posts.php – Make sure settings aren’t overridden if the “Customise Advanced Settings” checkbox isn’t checked.
* /widgets/widget-wooslider-slides.php – Make sure settings aren’t overridden if the “Customise Advanced Settings” checkbox isn’t checked.
* /assets/css/settings.css – Add styling for the settings version number display.
* /lang/wooslider-en_GB.po – Rescan language translation file.
* /lang/wooslider-xx_XX.pot – Rescan language translation file.

2012.08.16 – version 1.0.3
* /classes/class-wooslider-frontend.php – Change ‘true’ to a boolean true to fix checkbox logic error. Make sure the booelan values are being checked for correctly when generating the slideshow JavaScript.
* /classes/class-wooslider-admin.php – Manually enqueue the “ranges” and “image selector” JavaScript files.
* /classes/class-wooslider-sliders.php – Add “display_excerpt” option to the “posts” slideshow type. Remove unused get_placeholder_image() method in favour of the method present in the WooSlider_Utils class.
* /widgets/widget-wooslider-base.php – Adjusted how default fields are saved per widget. Ensure that widget-specific fields save correctly at each scenario (init, update).
* /lang/wooslider-en_GB.po – Rescanned language file.

2012.08.09 – version 1.0.2
* /classes/class-wooslider-admin.php – Add support for “text” input field types to the conditional popup fields. Remove second enqueue of field scripts, which is no longer required in the popup.
* /classes/class-wooslider-settings-api.php – Adjust the enqueue_field_styles() method call to ensure that field-specific styles are conditionally loaded correctly.
* /classes/class-wooslider-sliders.php – Add shortcode support and wptexturize for the content of slides in the “slides” slideshow type.
* /widgets/widget-wooslider-base.php – Make sure that “range” fields display correctly as select box fields. Ensure that “advanced settings” save correctly when in use.
* /assets/js/shortcode-creator.js – Look for hidden select boxes for “range” fields, as well as the default field check, when creating the shortcode.

2012.08.07 – version 1.0.1
* /classes/class-wooslider.php – Check if WooThemes_Plugin_Updater class exists to avoid plugin updater conflicts. Add “post-thumbnails” support if the theme doesn’t natively support it.
* /classes/class-wooslider-frontend.php – Bump “wooslider-common” stylesheet version to 1.0.1. Make sure “autoslide” can be disabled via the shortcode.
* /classes/class-wooslider-sliders.php – Make sure the postdata is reset correctly after retrieving the slides for the “slides” slideshow type.
* /assets/css/flexslider.css – Move slideshow-specific styles to “style.css”. Adjust styling of the “active” CSS classes to be “wooslider-active” in accordance with FlexSlider version 2.1 update.
* /assets/css/style.css – Add slideshow-specific styles from “flexslider.css”. Fixed image and excerpt z-index.
* /assets/js/jquery.flexslider-min.js – Upgrade FlexSlider to version 2.1.
* /lang/en_GB.po – Rescan language translation file.

2012.08.07 – version 1.0.0
* First release. Woo!