WooThemes Hustle 1.3.12 WooCommerce Theme

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WooThemes Hustle WooCommerce Theme

WooThemes Hustle WooCommerce Theme

WooThemes Hustle WooCommerce Theme Version : 1.3.12

Hustle is a freshly designed, open and responsive Premium WooCommerce Theme with a featured slider and advanced introductory message.


Product Description

WooThemes Hustle 1.3.12 WooCommerce Theme

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Unique Features

  • Responsive Design

    Fully Responsive Design

    The design will scale to fit on all browser widths/resolutions and on all mobile devices. Go ahead and scale your browser window and see the results.

  • Featured slider

    Featured Slider

    A custom homepage featured slider to showcase your services, latest adverts or just about any content, all powered by the fully responsiveFlexSlider, which makes it usable on mobile devices. You can put a featured image or a video in the slide and display it in your slider.

  • Custom Homepage

    Custom Homepage

    In addition to the featured slider, the theme has an optional content area and also a customized widgetized homepage where you can add and re-order the included custom components (Introductory Message, Features, Blog Posts, Featured Products or a Promotion) with the “Woo – Component” widget and other custom widgets available.

  • Introductory Message

    An advanced introductory message feature is included in Hustle, with support for a background image, large title, smaller sub-text and a button to lead your visitors as a call to action.

  • Integrates “Features by WooThemes”

    This theme integrates seamlessly with theFeatures by WooThemes plugin. Use the plugin to display your company, product or service’s features on your homepage.

  • Integrates “Testimonials by WooThemes”

    This theme integrates seamlessly with theTestimonials by WooThemes plugin. Use the plugin to display what your customers are saying about your business, right on your homepage.

  • Custom Widgets

    In addition to the widgetized homepage and the custom component widget, the theme has 1 widgetized sidebar and up to 4 footer widgetized areas, and as always comes with custom Woo Widgets (Ad Space, Blog Author, Video/Embed, Subscribe & Connect, Search and Flickr).

  • Home Page Feature Slider

    Styling Options

    The theme includes a variation of alternative styles which you can preview in the demo, and also has styling options for background color/image and setting link and button color.


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*** Hustle Changelog ***

2016.06.02 – version 1.3.12
* Fix – Fixes Sensei videos overflowing into sidebar.

2016.04.08 – version 1.3.11
* Fix – Fixes pauseOnHover and pauseOnAction slider settings.

2016.02.18 – version 1.3.10
* Fix – Removes Twitter from the Contact Page.

2015.09.16 – version 1.3.9
* Fix – Ensures the component widget correctly references parent::__construct and removes obsolete title field

* Fix – Strict standards notice in comments template

2015.09.03 – version 1.3.8
* Fix – Fixes the flickr and embed widgets

2015.09.02 – version 1.3.7
* Fix – Fixes Strict Standards notices in the comments section.

* Fix – Ensures all widgets correctly reference parent::__construct and have a clean update() method.

2015.06.04 – version 1.3.6
* includes/js/jquery.prettyPhoto.js – Updated prettyPhoto to version 3.1.6.

2015.04.21 – version 1.3.5
* Fix – Adds WooCommerce Quantity Increment plugin compatibility.

2015.01.07 – version 1.3.4
* Tweak – Adjusts product display on mobile so that products line up better

2014.12.05 – version 1.3.3
* Fix – Adds support for Items Per Row display for Features widget

2014.11.25 – version 1.3.2
* Fix – Deprecation notices regarding related products

2014.07.05 – version 1.3.1
* Fix – Removes the warning related to the “woo_single_post_nav” hook.

2014.04.14 – version 1.3.0
* New – Integration with Our Team plugin

* Fix – WC Product details hover styling. Changed styling to accomodate different product price layouts.

2014.03.18 – version 1.2.1
* Fix – Remove duplicate ‘.li’ from current-menu-item selector

* Fix – Revert to use default WC shop loop, modified with hooks, instead of custom archive template.
/woocommerce/content-product.php – Removed
/css/woocommerce.less – Adjusted styling for new product loop

2014.01.30 – version 1.2.0
* New – Integration for ‘Projects’ plugin
/includes/integrations/projects/* – Various files added for plugin integration
/includes/theme-plugin-integrations.php – Plugin integration setup
functions.php – Include plugin integration file

* Fix – testimonilas widget styling
style.css – Fix styling for Testimonial plugin widgets

* Fix – Image alignment classes not working on contact page template
style.css – Fixed image alignment classes for contact form template

2013.08.30 – version 1.1.15
* Fix – Stop sticky posts from breaking the timeline

2013.08.30 – version 1.1.14
* /includes/theme-woocommerce.css – Make WooCommerce style disabling 2.1 compatible

2013.07.30 – version 1.1.13
* /includes/theme-actions.php – Remove ‘!important’ from link color declaration.
* /includes/theme-options.php – Added option for global Full Width Layout.
* /includes/theme-functions.php – Fixed ‘disable mousescroll’ option for Contact page template.

2013.07.12 – version 1.1.12
* includes/intro-message.php – Data sanitization.

2013.06.27 – version 1.1.11
* css/woocommerce.css – Fixed iPad add to cart button / price positioning.
* css/style.css – Fixed issues with WooSlider playing in reverse.

2013.05.09 – version 1.1.10
* css/layout.css – Fixed testimonials styling issues.
* css/woocommerce.css – Fixed review stars not showing up when using Lightbox for the reviews form.

2013.04.30 – version 1.1.9
* style.css – Fixed slider content not showing up if ‘Slide’ option is enabled and ‘Slider Background’ option is used.

2013.04.05 – version 1.1.8
* /styles/boxed.css – Fixed background color overriding the custom theme options.

2013.03.27 – version 1.1.7
* /css/woocommerce.css – Fixed cart table styling bug for mobile resolutions.

2013.03.18 – version 1.1.6
* /css/woocommerce.css – Fixed max-width for cart images

2013.03.05 – version 1.1.5
* woocommerce/content-product.php – ensured compatibility with WooCommerce 1.6.6 & 2.0.
* includes/theme-woocommerce.php – Fixed pagination styling bug. Fixed upsells / related products display.
* css/woocommerce.css – Styled WooCommerce 2.0 classes & features. Styled demo store notice.

2013.02.13 – version 1.1.4
* /includes/theme-woocommerce.php – Added add_theme_support( ‘woocommerce’ );

2013.02.04 – version 1.1.3
* style.css – Changed #intro-message background-size property to cover, so that BG images fills space across all resolutions.
– Center align featured slider on homepage when not using component widget.
* /css/woocommerce.css – Prevent product button color from being overwritten by custom link color options.
– Adjusted styling for Products shortcode output.
– Adjusted product hovers styling for iPad
* /includes/theme-actions.php – Changed Custom Typography to load after alt style, so they don’t get overwritten by alt styles.

2013.01.17 – version 1.1.2
* /css/woocommerce.less,
/css/woocommerce.css – Adds support for WooCommerce 2.0 CSS classes.
* style.less,
style.css – Adds support for WooCommerce 2.0 CSS classes.

2013.01.14 – version 1.1.1
* style.css – Fixed CSS selector conflict between site headers and post headers.

2012.12.20 – version 1.1.0
* /includes/blog-posts.php – Make sure not to execute $the_query->the_post() before the loop begins.
* /includes/theme-actions.php – Replace “get_bloginfo()” call with get_stylesheet_directory_uri(). Add logic for the custom “button alt colour” theme option.
* /includes/theme-options.php – Add theme option to customise the colour of the alternate (secondary) button style.
* /includes/theme-functions.php – Add missing textdomain to text in labels in the comment form arguments filter.
* index.php – Set the default values for the “features” and “testimonials” titles to be empty, to allow for empty values if the them options are left empty.
* template-contact.php – Convert translation string with variables to use sprintf() instead.
* content.php – Add “Off” localised string to the comment count, for when both trackbacks and comments are disabled for an entry.
* style.less,
grey.css – Add styling for the “Comments Off” state of the comments bubble, where both comments and trackbacks are disabled for an entry.

2012.12.18 – version 1.0.1
* /includes/featured-products.php – WooCommerce 2.0 compatibility – Use get_product instead of WC_Product
* /includes/featured-slider.php – set media width for videos
* /css/layout.css – fixed 3rd level dropdowns
* style.css – added ‘height:auto’ to slide-content images
* /css/layout.css,
style.css – adjusted promo banner spacing for mobile devices

2012.12.13 – version 1.0.0
* First release!