WooThemes Memorable 1.1.10 WooCommerce Theme

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WooThemes Memorable WooCommerce Theme

WooThemes Memorable WooCommerce Theme

WooThemes Memorable WooCommerce Theme Version : 1.1.10

Memorable is a fully-featured Premium WooCommerce Theme with a customisable homepage that can be adjusted to showcase any content.


Product Description

WooThemes Memorable 1.1.10 WooCommerce Theme

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Unique Features

  • Custom Homepage

    Full-Featured Homepage

    Memorable includes a detailed, and fully customisable, homepage incorporating features, testimonials, showcasing a selected page’s content and a unique featured content slider.

  • Team Widget

    Team Widget

    Included with Memorable is the “Woo – Team” widget. Use this widget to display a list of authors on your website (the author must have at least one published blog post).

  • Homepage widget columns

    Homepage Widget Columns

    In addition to the footer and sidebar widget areas, Memorable includes an extra 3 widget columns on the homepage, which can be used to create an even more detailed homepage layout.

  • introductory message / Hero product

    Introductory Message / Hero Product

    When browsing internal pages of your Memorable-powered website, optionally display an introductory message (with a call-to-action) or a hero product in the header area. This section is used by the featured slider on the homepage.

  • Informative footer

    Informative Footer

    Memorable includes a large footer area with a full width section and up to 4 footer widget columns. Use the footer to display your contact details, show your tweets using WooDojo or just about any other content you desire.

  • Integrates “Features by WooThemes”

    This theme integrates seamlessly with theFeatures by WooThemes plugin. Use the plugin to display your company, product or service’s features, in any widget area.

  • Integrates “Testimonials by WooThemes”

    This theme integrates seamlessly with theTestimonials by WooThemes plugin. Use the plugin to display what your customers are saying about your business in any widget area.

  • Custom Widgets

    In addition to the widgetized homepage and the custom component widget, the theme has 1 widgetized sidebar and up to 4 footer widgetized areas, and as always comes with custom Woo Widgets (Ad Space, Blog Author, Video/Embed, Subscribe & Connect and Flickr).

  • Home Page Feature Slider

    Styling Options

    The theme includes a variation of alternative styles which you can preview in the demo, and also has styling options for background color/image and setting link and button color.

  • Google Fonts support

    Google fonts support

    You can change any text on your site to the font of your liking, and also use the awesome Google Fonts to go beyond those standard web-safe fonts.

An open and detailed business-focussed theme.

The Memorable theme features a detailed composition of homepage sections, in an open and spacious design, to best showcase the content you wish to promote. The additional homepage and footer widget areas afford additional customisation options with just a few clicks.



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*** Memorable Changelog ***

2016.08.19 – version 1.1.10
* Fix – checks for undefined index warnings.

2016.07.25 – version 1.1.9
* Fix – Updates FlexSlider to v2.6.1

2016.05.25 – version 1.1.8
* Fix – Display woo_pagination() without counting query to avoid page duplication and 404 errors.

2016.03.08 – version 1.1.7
* Fix – Featured Slider now uses the_content() to output slides post types content on the frontend to allow for output of shortcode data.
* Fix – WooCommerce review submit button CSS fix for non-logged in users. Fixes warning notices for WooCommerce theme options.

2015.09.08 – version 1.1.6
* Fix – Updates Widget contructors and update functions for security purposes.

2015.07.24 – version 1.1.5
* includes/js/general.js – fixes browser resizing issue with the navigation menus

2015.06.04 – version 1.1.4
* includes/js/jquery.prettyPhoto.js – Updated prettyPhoto to version 3.1.6.
* includes/js/jquery.prettyPhoto.min.js – Updated prettyPhoto to version 3.1.6.

2015.06.04 – version 1.1.3
* New – Declares Sensei support

2014.06.20 – version 1.1.2
* Fix – Firefox img hover scaling issue.

2014.06.04 – version 1.1.1
* Fix – Fixes WooSlider thumbnail pagination issue.

2014.04.24 – version 1.1.0
* New – Integration with Our Team plugin

* New – Integration with Projects plugin

2014.03.20 – version 1.0.11
* Fix – Adds missing Subscribe & Connect social icons in the woo_display_social_icons() function.

* Fix – Adds styling for testimonials post type archive page.

2014.03.07 – version 1.0.10
* Fix – Updated fitvids to the latest stable version

2013.12.23 – version 1.0.9
* Fix – Fixed menu overlapping.

* Tweak – Removes ‘Header Product Search’ option.

* Fix – Fixes Google Font https insecure messages.

* Tweak – WooCommerce 2.1 Compatibility

2013.11.01 – version 1.0.8
* includes/blog-posts.php – Fixed homepage blog pagination.
* includes/theme-functions.php – Fixed homepage blog pagination.
* includes/featured-products.php – Fixed product limit setting.

2013.10.28 – version 1.0.7
* style.css – Fixed Custom Background Color options not working.
* includes/layout.css – Fixed Custom Background Color options not working.
* includes/theme-actions.php – Fixed Custom Background Color options not working.
* includes/widgets/widget-woo-team.php – Fixed “WooTeam” widget displaying incorrect post counts.

2013.10.14 – version 1.0.6
* style.css – Fixed menu hovering over lightbox in posts/pages.

2013.09.23 – version 1.0.5
* includes/theme-actions.php – ensure custom typography colour setting overrides general link colour.

2013.09.10 – version 1.0.4
* css/woocommerce.css – Fixed menu hovering on top of lightbox.
* style.css – Fixed Button Color and Button Text option.
* includes/theme-actions.php – Fixed Button Color and Button Text option.
* css/layout.css – Fixed issue that prevented phone number from displaying on iPad devices.
* includes/widgets/widget-woo-team.php – Fixed author post count bug.
* style.css – Fixed rounded testimonial images in Safari.
* includes/theme-actions.php – Prevent Lightbox from being loaded twice when WooCommerce is enabled.

2013.07.29 – version 1.0.3
* includes/js/general.js – Fixed android double tap to go.
* includes/js/enable-lightbox.js – enables lightbox for galleries in posts/pages.
* includes/theme-actions.php – Fixed Site Title link color being overridden && added missing closing brace in line #187.
* content.php – Adjust size of images for Testimonials and Features.
* css/woocommerce.css – Fixed WooCommerce reviews layout in lightbox mode & misaligned username and password fields & adds “Remove” button to Cart page on small screens & add to cart issue when tabs are disabled.
* includes/theme-woocommerce.php – Make WooCommerce style disabling 2.1 compatible.
* includes/theme-js.php – Removed fitvids.min.js.
* includes/js/fitvids.min.js – Removed fitvids.min.js.
* css/layout.css – Fixed slides layout.

2013.07.24 – version 1.0.2
* includes/blog-posts.php – Fixed pagination bug.
* style.css – Fixed video in slides on small screens.
* css/layout.css – Fixed video in slides on small screens.

2013.07.16 – version 1.0.1
* styles/*.css – Changed telephone icon to use FontAwesome & fixed static page margin issue
* css/layout.css – Changed telephone icon to use FontAwesome .
* includes/theme-actions.php – Changed telephone icon to use FontAwesome.
* images/ico-phone.png – *DELETED* Changed telephone icon to use FontAwesome.
* includes/blog-posts.php – Improved WooComponent styling.
* includes/featured-products.php – Improved WooComponent styling.
* includes/homepage-columns.php – Improved WooComponent styling.
* includes/specific-page-content.php – Improved WooComponent styling.
* index.php – Improved WooComponent styling.
* style.css – Improved WooComponent styling & fixed static page margin issue.
* includes/sidebar-init.php – Add .col-full to all homepage widgets so they align properly.
* includes/theme-options.php – Added fix to category selector.

2013.07.09 – version 1.0.0
* First release!